Madison’s Golden Key?

Montpelier Staff

Does the number 1.618 mean anything to you?  Perhaps not, but it is a number of importance to many mathematicians, architects, art history scholars, and maybe to our very own James Madison. In fact, it is the latest clue in the Presidential Detective Story.

Was that just… James Madison???

Montpelier Staff

It’s not every day you see James Madison walking around Capitol Hill. In fact, last Thursday, many members of Congress and staffers did a “double-take” as a fully costumed “James Madison” passed them.

Montpelier Constitution Day Celebration a Huge Success!

Montpelier Staff

More than 2,500 people came to Montpelier on Saturday to celebrate the signing of the U.S. Constitution (September 17, 1871). There was food, beer and wine, tethered baloon rides, history students in period costumes, Facepainting, baloons and colonial games for the kids, the Navy Jazz band and local musicians, and fireworks at the end of the evening! All to celebrate the founding document of our nation.