• Deck the Halls with Rings and Thimbles

    James Madison's Montpelier

    December 23, 2013 - In this season of giving, Montpelier shares with you some of our favorite gifts and treasures!

  • The List and the Landscapes

    Curatorial Department

    July 2, 2013 - Two small paintings with a mysterious past are now on display in the Joe and Marge Grills Gallery at James Madison’s Montpelier.  Our extensive research project, the Presidential Detective Story, have put together the clues to unpack “The Case of the List and the Landscapes.”

  • Nelly Madison: Aging Gracefully

    Curatorial Department

    June 20, 2013 - We invite all visitors to stop into the Grills Gallery and call on “Mother” Madison as did so many visitors to Montpelier two hundred years ago.

  • Madison folklore

    Tiffany Cole

    As with many famous folks, the internet abounds with questionable folklore, spurious quotes, and outright falsities concerning James and Dolley Madison. It has long been repeated that James Madison, notoriously diminutive in stature, stood 5’4”. However, in documentary records...

  • Hope in Montpelier’s Future

    Kat Imhoff

    Continuing my professional journey at this historic place, the home of James Madison, is a tremendous honor. Madison restored himself on these lands before returning to the Herculean task of creating a new nation. I, too, feel restored in returning home to Virginia, to the rolling Piedmont hills, and to the red earth of Orange County.

  • Dolley Madison's Election Fatigue

    Curatorial Department

    On April 12, 1823, former First Lady Dolley Madison closed a newsy letter to her son John Payne Todd with this comment:

  • “Pictures, all of interest, having some history attached to each” adorn the Montpelier Dining Room

    Montpelier Staff

    A team of curators, facilities and restoration staff, and a fine art specialist worked late into the evening hours on September 17—Constitution Day—to install thirty-four of the thirty-seven prints and engravings listed on an 1836 document entitled “Engravings in the dining room.”

  • Follow the War of 1812 in “real time” at the Blog of 1812

    Montpelier News

    Perhaps the principle highlight of  James Madison’s presidency was the aptly named War of 1812. Often referred to as “America’s Second War for Independence,” the war was the new nation’s struggle for sovereignty. Locked in a long and difficult clash with Napoleon, the British attempted to hinder the growth and prosperity of their former colony, and prevent the United States from colluding against them with the French. 

  • Original Cockburn Side Chair Returns to Montpelier

    Montpelier Staff

    Montpelier is excited to announce our exhibit of a significant chair with James and Nelly Madison Sr. provenance. This rare ca. 1773 Cockburn side chair is on loan from the James Madison Museum in Orange.

  • Montpelier in the Palm of Your Hand

    Montpelier Staff

    What’s the hottest download at the Apple App Store? The James Madison’s Montpelier Tour App of course! From the more than 500,000 mobile apps available, Apple Computer each week chooses just a few of the most interesting and intriguing to feature in the iPhone App Store. This week, Apple has chosen the newly launched “James Madison’s Montpelier” tour app as one of the featured apps.