Archaeology Programs

Research & Collections

Come join the Montpelier Archaeological Team on a week-long excavation. Work side-by-side one of the archaeologists at Montpelier on rediscovering the Madison plantation in the ground and live on the property in a restored antebellum home.  We have folks of all ages (from 8 to 80) participate and you don't need any experience to attend--we make it our job to train you as part of the dig team!  Our schedule for the 2014 dig season is:

  • Session #5:  August 10-16
  • Session #6:  August 17-23
  • Session #7:  September 7-13
  • Session #8:  Sept 21-27 (alumni)
  • Session #9:  October 5-11 (alumni)
  • Session #10:  October 19-25

In addition to the dig programs, we offer historic artifact workshops, and metal detecting programs.  For the metal detecting programs, we will be exploring a set of slave quarters on Chicken Mountain and in the East Woods.

The Department  also hosts two archaeological field schools for undergraduate, graduate, and seniors in high school looking for college credit.

We are also starting a log cabin construction school this coming February. This log cabin school will train the public late 18th century log-cabin construction techniques to reconstruct a late 18th century slave quarter at Montpelier.

For more information about how to participate in this program, please contact Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology and Landscape Restoration, at or (540) 672-2728 x 160.

Archaeology Expedition member filling out paper work during dig.

Expeditions members digging up a ceramic artifact.