Ceramic Workshop

Research & Collections

During the November 2013 ceramics workshop, participants will aide archaeologists in the analysis and mending of 18th century ceramics recovered from the excavations at the quarter for field slaves.  Montpelier archaeologists sepnd the 2012 and 2013 season excavating this slave quarter and recovered thousands of ceramic sherds ranging from hand-painted teawares that enslaved individuals bought for their household to French porcelains that made their way to the quarter from the main house.

During the week-long program in November you will work in the Archaeology Laboratory and be involved in post-excavation analysis, labeling and reconstructing ceramics recovered from the previous field season. To support your study of ceramics, you will receive lectures by specialists in 18th- and 19th-century ceramic types, methods of study, and conservation techniques.  The ultimate goal of the Laboratory Expedition is to reconstruct vessels for display in the Archaeology Laboratory, the mansion, the Grills Gallery in the Visitor Center, and even in other museums.

While participating in the program, you will stay in the antebellum plantation house known as “Arlington House.” Or, for those wanting to pamper themselves, there is also the option of staying at one of the local B&B’s.

Our program date for 2013 is:

November 18-22

For more information about the program and to register contact Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology, at mreeves@montpelier.org or call (540) 672-2728 ext. 160.


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