Photography Policy

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We encourage visitors to take photographs of Montpelier's beautiful mansion and grounds for your personal use. Visitors may not take photos inside the mansion and in certain galleries. No photographs, videos, CDs, multimedia, or images of any kind of, including, but not limited to, the house, grounds, exhibits, and property therein, are allowed to be taken for commercial uses of any kind, or any other use without the express written permission of the Montpelier Foundation. Use of drones for personal or commercial use at Montpelier is only allowed with written permission from The Montpelier Foundation.

By entering the Montpelier property, you agree to these terms.


We welcome and encourage visits from reporters and photographers of the working press. We request that all members of the press contact the Communications Department (using the Contact Us form linked below) to arrange a visit. The Communications Department can provide you with the background information, and arrange for photographs of your requested subject, and interviews with the appropriate staff. We also will provide a Montpelier staff person to accompany photographers and reporters while on the property.

Montpelier maintains a stock of photos and images available for download for the press. These range from historic images to architectural drawings, to restoration photos, to photos of Montpelier events. The photos are high-resolution images that include credit and caption. All Montpelier photos should be credited as follows: Photo courtesy of The Montpelier Foundation. Please contact the Communications Department for information on how to access these images.

By entering the Montpelier property, you agree to these terms.

For our most recent policy with regards to photography and other media, please click the link: Montpelier Photography Policy (updated 11 November 2015).