The Constitution: What Americans Really Know




Yesterday Montpelier celebrated Constitution Day and the 226th anniversary of the U.S Constitution with nearly 300 people at the annual State of the Constitution Lecture: What Americans Really Know, hosted by us in collaboration with the National Archives.

At the event, audience members were polled in a candid conversation about American constitutional rights with responses by Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Constitution scholar Akhil Reed Amar, and Supreme Court litigator William Jay.  Results were tabulated and displayed live, showing participants how their views compared to national polling data.  

Our questions were designed to test current perceptions of the U.S. Constitution and were then compared against national data to see what Americans know, or perhaps misunderstand, about this most important document. The result was an unscripted and highly spirited conversation that reminded us all how our many opinions are able to unite us into one nation.



Communications Department