Costumes Tell Dolley Madison's Life Story


The opening of Montpelier’s new exhibit Dolley Madison’s Life Through Fashion: Dressing the Part is less than two days away! The exhibit will use eight costumes created for the PBS documentary Dolley Madison: America’s First Lady to tell her life story. The costumes illustrate Dolley’s life as a young Quaker in Philadelphia, as the woman who created and defined the role of first lady, and as a widow and Washington’s grand dame in her final years. In the course of her life, Dolley Madison knew all 12 presidents from George Washington to Zachary Taylor, rallied a volunteer effort to help fund and equip the Lewis and Clark expedition, founded the Washington Female Orphan Asylum, and earned an honorary seat in Congress. The exhibit will also show a video of the making of the costumes. Dolley Madison’s Life Through Fashion: Dressing the Part will be displayed on the mansion’s second floor from June 15, 2011 through March 31, 2012.









Montpelier Staff