Deck the Halls with Rings and Thimbles 


In this season of giving, Montpelier shares with you some of our favorite gifts and treasures, made possible by the generous support from people like you! Thank you for your dedication. Happy Holidays!

Inventory of objects:

  • 18th century silver thimble, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT1963.E), 1790s trash deposit.
  • 1786 Sèvres porcelain plate (MF2007.4.1, given on behalf of Johnny Scott and Ann Belfield Thornton).
  • Paste Gem for a cuff link, Mount Pleasant (MT249.F42.I), 1760s deposits in kitchen. \
  • James Madison, Sr. wine bottle seal, Mount Pleasant (MT 345.F100.e), 1760s deposits in kitchen.
  • ca. 1794 rose gold and diamond wedding ring (NT85.15)
  • Early 19th century Iron skeleton key, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 1798.D), South Yard Site
  • Wooden animals, Gilmore Farm, located within 1880s mud daub inside the cabin.
  • Early 19th century Handpainted pearlware teacup fragment, Mansion Archaeological Deposits (Vessel #1224), Stable Quarter Site.
  • Early 19th century Glass bead, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 1769.B), Stable Quarter Site.
  • 18th century Iron snaffle bit, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 1755.B2), Stable Quarter Site.
  • 1806 silver vinaigrette (MF2009.1)
  • Early nineteenth century gilt and bronze spyglass (MF2011.81.1)  
  • 1790s Chinese export porcelain plate fragment, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (Vessel # 1027), Stable Quarter Site.
  • 1806 Nast porcelain soup tureen with lid (MF2009.16.1ab)
  • Early 19th century Gilt brass floral button, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 1700.D), Stable Quarter Site.
  • Early 19th century Brass watch key, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 1756.C), Stable Quarter Site.
  • Madison's Ivory chess piece, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 65.B), South Yard Site.
  • Early 19th century Iron strap buckle, Mansion Archaeology Deposits (MT 87.H), Stable Quarter Site.




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