Happy Almost-Birthday Demonstration Forest Trail


A first birthday is a remarkable event in a child’s life. It marks a time to look back at milestones from the previous year and to begin to anticipate future milestones.

Montpelier opened its Demonstration Forest Trail almost one year ago. Since then, the trail has enjoyed many milestones: an opening ceremony, new forest growth along the trail, and visits from countless hikers.

Now, we are beginning to anxiously anticipate some future milestones. Montpelier is developing a guided tour for visitors who want to know more about forestry.

The new tour will be similar to Montpelier’s popular “Big Woods Walk” through the Landmark Forest. Visitors will learn how society used forests during the Madisons’ time and see how forests are managed and used today.

People during the Madisons’ time viewed forests as a wood source. Today, forests still provide lumber, but also give us sustainable resources, such as water. Additionally, many forests house diverse wildlife populations, vital to the balance of our ecosystem.

Montpelier is fortunate to have the help of the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Northern District Forestry Program, the local Virginia Department of Forestry, and the Old Rag and Central Rappahannock Master Naturalists as we develop this new tour.

Once the first tour date, is set, you’ll be the first to know through the Montpelier blog.

Montpelier is developing a new guided tour for its Demontration Forest Trail.








Montpelier Staff