One Frame Down


The last couple of days have been busy! The construction crew completed the first smokehouse frame in the South Yard, where enslaved domestic workers and craftsmen lived during James and Dolley Madison’s time.

We aren’t quite ready to build the second smokehouse. As we mentioned in the previous post, we used archaeology and an insurance map to pinpoint the foundation locations. This week, our archaeologists found some features that might indicate that the foundation actually begins a couple of feet from where we originally believed. The team will dig for answers this week. We want to make sure the second smokehouse’s placement is accurate, down to the inch. The work crew should begin construction on the second smokehouse on August 11.

In the meantime, here is a construction video for your viewing pleasure. Also, check out CBS 19’s story on the new smokehouse. We will let you know when we build the second smokehouse. Stay tuned!

Smokehouse Frame in Montpelier's South Yard








Montpelier Staff