The Twelve Days of Montpelier


As we count down the final days of 2011, we want to thank you for your support and wish you a happy holiday season! Your support made the “Twelve Days of Montpelier” possible.

Twelve Archaeology Expeditions

This year, 98 volunteers in twelve Archaeology Expeditions helped unearth historic treasures at Montpelier.

Eleven Dolley Madison Costumes

In June, Montpelier unveiled a new exhibit that showcases eleven costumes from the PBS documentary “Dolley Madison: America’s First Lady.” The exhibit will be open until April 2012.

Ten French Chairs

In September, Montpelier acquired ten LeLarge chairs similar to the ones James and Dolley Madison once owned. These chairs are currently being conserved and re-upholstered. Come see them in the Drawing Room in 2012!

Nine Dining Room Figures

Montpelier brought the Dining Room to life with nine life-size figures gathered around a festive table.

Eight Lawyers from Zimbabwe

Eight lawyers from Zimbabwe traveled to the home of the Father of the Constitution to develop ideas for their nation’s constitution drafting process.

Seven Busts in the Mansion

This fall, our curatorial team installed seven busts of great thinkers in the Drawing Room - six historic replicas and one loaned original.

Six Nineteenth-Century-Depictions of Montpelier

This winter, Montpelier’s visitors have the opportunity to view a variety of historic depictions of Montpelier, such as Anna Maria Brodeau Thornton’s View of Montpelier.

Five Thousand School Children

This year 5,000 young students visited Montpelier- a new record!

Four Timber Frames in the South Yard

In September, Montpelier unveiled the framed outlines of four buildings in the South Yard, the area where the domestic slaves lived and worked during the Madisons’ time.

Three Christmas Evenings at Montpelier

Families and friends visited Montpelier for a special candlelight tour to mark the beginning of the holiday season.

Two Seminars for Law Enforcement Personnel

This year, the Center for the Constitution offered Virginia law enforcement officers the opportunity to learn about the Constitution and its relationship to their duties.

One Constitution Day Celebration

On September 17, visitors delighted in a day of festivities including hayrides, children’s games, “James” and “Dolley,” music by the Quantico Marine Corps Band, and a stunning fireworks display.

Christmas at Montpelier








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