Winter Landscapes at Montpelier

Sandy Mudrinich, Montpelier Horticulture

January 13, 2014 - Winter is a humble season. No frills. No distractions. No nonsense. A black and white season. We invite you discover the peace and serenity that envelopes Montpelier at this time of year as winter exposes and enhances the ever-present beauty of this compelling landscape.

Old-Growth Forest Recognition

Sandy Mudrinich

December 17, 2012 - The James Madison Landmark Forest received recognition from the Old-Growth Forest Network. This organization, founded by Dr. Joan Maloof, seeks to identify one forest in each county of the United States that exemplifies a publically accessible, mature, native forest. Montpelier’s old-growth forest, representing Orange County, is #7 in the Network which includes forests in Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii.