• "A Bill of Fare for every Month in the Year"

    Kyle M. Stetz

    September 4, 2014- Sussannah Carter provided our Demonstration Kitchen interpreters with a complete menu this weekend.  We used Carter's "supper" menu for August as we rounded out the month.  


  • "Mrs. Madison ordered dinner to be ready at 3 as usual"

    Kyle M. Stetz

    August 26, 2014- 200 years ago this past weekend Paul Jennings set a table for dinner in Washington, D.C.  That meal was never consumed by the Madisons or their invited guests.  War had literally come to the doorstep, and dinner table, of the President's House.


  • "will not fail to be excellent..."

    Kyle M. Stetz

    August 18, 2014- A “Virginia Housewife” and “A Lady of Philadelphia” provided our Demonstration Kitchen interpreters with recipes this weekend.  Find out what these American and international recipes were on our Menu of the Week.  


  • For Dessert: Lemon Bomboons

    Kyle M. Stetz

    July 28--  Find out what Lemon Bomboons are as well as what other recipes our interpreters prepared this weekend in the Demonstration Kitchen.


  • "There was before us..."

    Kyle M. Stetz

    July 21, 2014-- What food appeared on the Madison's dining table?  George C. Shattuck provides us with an answer to that question on a visit to Montpelier in 1835.  Continuing with our new series, "Menu of the Week," see what recipes our interpreters used to recreate Shattuck's meal at Montpelier. 

  • New Series: Menu of the Week

    Kyle M. Stetz

    July 14, 2014--From April through October, guests to Montpelier have the opportunity to visit three experiential venues around the site: the Gilmore Cabin—a freedman’s farm, the Hands-On Tool Tent, and the Demonstration Kitchen Tent.  The focus of this post, and future posts, will be to highlight a selection of Madison-era recipes prepared in our Kitchen Tent.  


  • Hope in Montpelier’s Future

    Kat Imhoff

    Continuing my professional journey at this historic place, the home of James Madison, is a tremendous honor. Madison restored himself on these lands before returning to the Herculean task of creating a new nation. I, too, feel restored in returning home to Virginia, to the rolling Piedmont hills, and to the red earth of Orange County.