James Madison believed that an educated citizenry was necessary to maintain our form of government. Therefore, the future of the United States lies in educating citizens with the knowledge, understanding, and ability to ensure that our democracy will continue to thrive.

The Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at James Madison's Montpelier offers intensive, content-rich programs taught by nationally recognized scholars. Montpelier Seminars for Educators involve concentrated immersion in the Constitution, fostering the impassioned exchange of ideas among scholars and peers. Seminar topics vary, but may include the ins and outs of American institutions, suffrage in America, religious freedom, and slavery and the Constitution, among others.

These three-day, residential, professional development opportunities are supported by scholarships, and most are provided at significantly reduced or no cost. Seminar materials, tours of the Montpelier property, meals, and on-site accommodations are included. 

Studying constitutionalism at Montpelier—the very place where James Madison thought more profoundly and creatively about our American form of government than any other person—is a rich and powerful experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.