James Madison was in his mid-20s when he began to influence the world with his political thinking. In his 30s, his ideas and political skill shaped and solidified the U.S. Constitution. At the age of 40, Madison drafted the Bill of Rights.

Madison didn’t wait for an invitation or permission to lead. He was drawn to drafting solutions—and crafting the coalitions necessary to bring public policy to life—because he was inspired to improve the country and move our nation forward. His work serves as the source of motivation for countless young leaders working on and around Capitol Hill today. Yet, the fast-paced, heavily politicized and global nature of policymaking makes it difficult to remain connected to the ideas and principles that underpin our democracy.

The Montpelier Summit for young political leaders is a series of weekend discussions held at the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution on the grounds of James Madison’s Montpelier. The objective is to rekindle and reinvigorate nonpartisan, principled discussion and debate about the process of formulating and enacting policy—through the lens of current pressing issues—and create lasting bonds among emerging leaders that can be called upon for years to come.

Applications for the Montpelier Summit are open to professionals based in Washington, DC—ages 25–35—currently working in the executive or legislative branches of government or in the wider public affairs community. Applicants must have 3 to 10 years of workplace experience in the fields of government, politics, media, and/or public affairs. As a Summit participant, you will work collaboratively with leading intellectuals, policymakers, and professionals working in media, advocacy, and scholarship, to understand the Madisonian approach of transforming political theory into pragmatic policy.

For more information, contact Emily Voss at evoss@montpelier.org.