Elected Officials

Center for the Constitution


Perhaps no group in American society has a more direct responsibility to the Constitution than elected officials. While all elected officials take an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, state and locally elected officials must also defend their state's constitution. The Center for the Constitution programs help elected officials understand the tensions and synergies among and between their state and national constitutions. These seminars also help elected officials to examine and reconnect to constitutional principles as they relate to their elected positions.

The Center for the Constitution has hosted two seminars for members of the Virginia General Assembly and hosts these seminars at no cost for members of the House and Senate. The program is designed to be a personal enrichment and educational opportunity for elected officials. The agenda for the seminar was developed in close consultation with several members of the House and Senate. Virginia Speaker William Howell has offered his unconditional support for the program and strongly encourages members to attend. Virginia House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong also endorses the program and asks members to participate in this special learning opportunity.


Who is Eligible?

Elected officials and staff members to elected officials are welcome to attend a program at the Center. The Center for the Constitution has hosted two seminars for members of the Virginia General Assembly and has hosted a retreat for staff members to the Virginia delegation in the U.S. Congress. The Center is open to working with a variety of groups and states.


What You Get

Accommodations and Meals: You will be housed at the Constitutional Village on the grounds of Montpelier near Orange, VA. All meals will be provided.

Seminar Materials: You will receive readings that are specially edited and assembled to reflect the theme of the Seminar.

How to Apply

If you want to know more about our seminars on the Constitution for Elected Officials, or you would like to create one for your group, please contact Doug Smith at dsmith@montpelier.org or 540-672-2728 x 208.


Virginia General Assembly Members meet in Lewis Hall to discuss the Constitution


"The entire Montpelier staff hosted an outstanding event—one filled with pleasure and in-depth information. The speakers were informative, entertaining, and inspirational. To all of my colleagues in the General Assembly--please know that your willingness to participate in this “experiment” made it a huge success and I am personally grateful... I consider it a blessing to represent Mr. Madison’s Montpelier and having the opportunity to share his wisdom with the world is unbelievably satisfying."

Senator R. Edward Houck, 17th District of Virginia