Alternative Spring Break 2015--Archaeology at Montpelier

Tier 1

Beginner and Advanced Spring Break Archaeology Workshops

The Montpelier Spring Break Expedition Workshops are designed for undergraduate and graduate students interested in archaeology or looking to widen their archaeological experience. During these week-long programs, students will work alongside Montpelier's archaeology staff excavating and surveying portions of the Montpelier landscape. Each program is designed to give participants exclusive hands-on experience in excavation and post-excavation analysis of archaeological materials. You will work side-by-side with a staff of eight trained, professional archaeologists, which means you will be working on real sites—sensitive features, artifacts, and deposits that have been buried for centuries and that the public would usually not get to experience. In addition to digging at artifact-rich sites, you will also engage in lectures, and take "insider" tours of the archaeological sites and the mansion.

  • Session #1-March 8-13, 2015

The field school program is two different experiences held congruently. The first is for undergraduate students or young professionals who have a possible interest in studying archaeology. This program will be an excellent primer for students curious about the discipline or wanting to try out an archaeological field experience. The second is an advance level workshop for students who have already taken a field school or are attending graduate school. This program focuses on specific skills including directing metal detector survey, examining site strata, and public archaeology.

To learn more about these specific programs, visit these links:

Courses are accredited through James Madison University. 

To enroll in the course or to get more detailed information, please contact or call at 540.672.2728x160



During your Workshop, you will have the special opportunity to stay at a converted antebelum plantation house located on the grounds of Montpelier. You will stay on the grounds with other participants and our Intern staff!




Archaeologists surveying sites on Chicken Mountain. This particular site is a potential barn complex.

Participants mending 18th century plate from a Madison-era slave quarter at Montpelier.