Research Archaeologist Position--Position Filled (Feb 28th)

The Montpelier Foundation is looking to fill the position of Research Archaeologist. Candidates must have at least five years of field research experience and two years of supervisory experience in historical archaeology.  An M.A. in anthropology (or related fields) with a focus on historical archaeology is required along with a demonstrated interest in public archaeology, proven experience in writing reports, publishing, and analysis of artifact assemblages for site interpretation. We will be giving a preference for research interests in plantation archaeology and the African Diaspora and to those with a doctorate degree and teaching experience.  Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology and Landscape Restoration   While review of applications will occur as they are received, serious sorting and consideration will not take place until after the SHA conference--so on January 20th.  We would like to have someone hired by early to mid March to take part in the first of this season's expedition programs.

Details on job position and Department

Currently we are engaged in archaeological investigations 18th century field slave quarters across the property as well as intensive archaeological excavations of the late 18th and early 19th century grounds around the Montpelier mansion.  The investigations of 18th and early 19th century field slave quarters is taking place in the spring (January-April) across the wooded portions of Montpelier’s 2700 acre property.  This project has been funded by a National Geographic Explorer’s grant and is essentially a Phase II investigation of about 12 sites on the property that we have located through our metal detector programs.
Our regular set of archaeology programs (May-October) is investigating the mansion landscape--both for 18th century buildings and early 19th century landscape features.  These excavations are directed towards our continued efforts to understand the layout and appearance of the Madison plantation during the early 19th century and our efforts to restore the landscape. For more information on our current mansion landscape research, download the following proposal brief.

All of the research programs that we hold throughout the year have a heavy public component—both for volunteer participation, field schools, and the general visitors who want to see archaeology in action at the site and the public lab. As such, we view our archaeology research as not just an opportunity to learn more about the Montpelier property, but to educate a wide audience about the archaeological research process.

The research archaeologist will be expected to direct these research and educational programs and supervised between 6-8 crew members (full-time staff and staff interns) as well as write reports to document the findings.  The research archaeologist will report directly to the Director of Archaeology and have full responsibility of field work.  The director of archaeology will work with the research archaeologist to determine goals, progress and direction of excavations. The candidate will also be expected to publish articles, help with interpretive materials, and develop new ways to bring our archaeological findings to life here at Montpelier.  For more information on current excavations, see our blog page.