Take a Hike under the Canopy

Join us on a 3-hour, 2 mile hike in which we will explore the hidden farm complex that lies beneath the high canopy in a remote section of Montpelier's 2650 acre forest. Participants will discover a unique national historic site that archaeologists have recently discovered. LiDAR and metal detector surveys have revealed the engineering genius of the enslaved farmers who innovated advanced agricultural drainage systems that turned wetlands into croplands and allowed Madison market tobacco in the 1820s.  Discoveries such as these, which lie undisturbed after centuries in this landscape,  revolutionize our understanding of the significant neglected intellectual contributions of enslaved people in the Founding era.

Come join us on this hiking and learning adventure. We recommend that hikers  bring insect repellent, hiking books, water, and a snack. The terrain includes moderate climbs and shallow wet areas.

To learn more about the East Woods discoveries, see the following interactive webmap: https://arcg.is/1y0CrS0