The following document contains information on our current excavations at the mansion grounds. Following our four-year NEH-funded investigation of the four home sites of the enslaved community, we are returning to the mansion grounds to understand how the formal grounds and larger plantation intersected. The mansion grounds serves as the central space in which the enslaved and owners' lives intersected. As such, having this study follow the intensive investigation of the enslaved community home spaces provides insight into the different perspective each group had for this same landscape.

In particular, we are engaged in a three year investigation of the formal landscape as it appeared in the early 19th century, while at the same time searching for clues to the 18th century structures that were at the mansion.  The results of these investigations will lay the ground work for a larger research project comparing the 18th and 19th century landscape or to a larger set of restoration work to bring the 20th century landscape back to its early 19th century appearance. Which direction this project ends up going is based on a combination of results from the current excavations and funding. Click on map to right to download research proposal.