Historical, Archaeological and Architectural Research at the Gilmore Cabin

Abstract: From 2000-2002, the Montpelier Foundation stabilized the Gilmore Cabin and conducting an initial documentary, archaeological, and architectural study of the property.  Initial built and owned by a former slave of James Madison, George Gilmore, the farm is representative of not just the Gilmore's early years of freedom, but countless other newly freed African Americans in the region.  

This report is a compilation of several research projects carried out on the Gilmore Farm from 2000-2002. As a document, it is meant to provide a synthesis concerning the early historical, archaeological, and architectural research on the Gilmore Farm. Many of the interpretations made in one branch of the research are made possible from discoveries in another. In this way, this initial research on the Gilmore Farm relied on cross-disciplinary analysis. For this reason, this research is presented in one document to allow the various strands of information to complement and enhance each other.  This volume does not represent a final version of the research at the Gilmore Farm, but rather should be read as a work in progress. At the end of each chapter is a synthesis of information that provides a brief overview of the most significant information derived from each research program.

Since these initial investigations, the archaeology department has conducted additional excavations that are in the process of being written up (for more information on these excavations, see the summary of these at:  http://www.montpelier.org/research-and-collections/archaeology/archaeolo...