Statement from The Montpelier Foundation

Press Release Date: Monday, May 2, 2022

The Montpelier Foundation (TMF) welcomes the list of individuals put forward by the Montpelier Descendants Committee (MDC). We are hopeful that the goal of healing expressed by Dr. Daina Ramey Berry leads to reconciliation and a constructive way forward for parity on the Board of Directors for James Madison’s Montpelier. 

The interview period is very compressed and leaves almost no time for orientation and information sharing. Despite those realities, the Board’s Governance and Nominating Committee will submit names to the full Board. The Board agrees to vote on the MDC nominees, as proposed by the Committee, with all assuming active Board membership at the same time. 

The vote is scheduled to occur on May 16 and will follow “best practices” as well as Montpelier’s own past practice which is that nominees are not present when the Board votes. All new members will have their Board terms begin at the close of the May 16 meeting. The May 16 meeting will deal solely with Board membership. A special Board meeting will be scheduled within one week of that date so that new members can actively begin their service. 

The Montpelier Foundation's earlier expressed interest in bringing new members on in two groups, separated by months, was not for the purpose of “earning the ability to vote.” Our goal, always, has been parity on the Board. That has never changed. 

Montpelier’s financial position and its future success require the professionalism, ideas, and financial support of all its Board members. The path to parity requires a spirit of collaboration. We look forward to that collaboration and to working together for the benefit of Montpelier.