Stable Yard (1817-1844)

Research & Collections

Although many of the structures such as the Stable and the Stable Quarter were built in the latter part of the 18th century, the Stable Yard was very active during the Retirement years.  It is likely that there were three principle areas of activity in the Stable Yard:

  1. The Stable Quarter.  With a 2 acre garden, it is likely that the enslaved gardeners that tended it lived within the Stable Yard.

  2. The Stable and Carriage House.  In addition to the insurance document mentioning the position of the principal stable, archaeological investigations also revealed the likely location of a carriage house and the stable.  These buildings would have not only served the Madison’s horses and carriages, but the constant guests who visited Montpelier during these years.

  3. The Craft Complex.   In addition to the other activities, just located off the Stable Yard was the Craft Complex.  Controlled metal-detecting of the area has revealed that there were at the very least coopers and carpenters working in this area.


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Map showing location of stable, craft complex, and garden in relationship to the mansion and visitor center.  The location of these sites are based on archaeological survey