Post-Madison Landscaping (1845-1865)

Research & Collections

In the late 1840s, the front yard was radically changed.  At that time the driveway was brought up to the front of the Portico and the old Madison road was buried with over a foot of clay.  The expansive front lawn covering the Madison road and fence would hide these secrets for over a century and a half until archaeologists uncovered the old road in 2006. These larger landscape changes of the late 1840s were tied to the stuccoing of the mansion and changes to the front portico. These late 1840s renovations resulted in the mansion becoming more of Greek Revival in style as was popular during the time period. This architectural style would remain at Montpelier until the restoration of the mansion in 2004-2008.

Photograph of mansion with overlays showing grade changes that occurred in the late 1840s.