Madison Family Cemetery (1801-1817)

Research & Collections

During the renovations to the mansion, a brick wall was built around the Madison family cemetery.  By 1810, the remnants of the old home site (Mount Pleasant) were no longer visible and it is likely the landscape around the cemetery was “cleaned up” to serve as a suitable burial area.  In addition, this area likely was put into crops and the brick wall protected the existing burials.  At this time, while there were dozens of burials, there was only one tombstone marking the resting place for a non-Madison family member (son-in-law).  During the repair of the wall in 2000, archaeologist uncovered bricks inscribed with numbers that were marked by slaves aiding the Madison’s mason, Hugh Chisolm.

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One of the original Madison numbered bricks recovered from the Madison Family Cemetery during repairs in 2000.  The bricks containing numbers ranged in value between 65 and 110.  it is thought that these numbers represent the number completed by slaves during a day.