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The Montpelier Archaeology Department offers a limited number of competitive paid and unpaid internship positions during the summer and winter months.  Taking the Montpelier field school is a requirement for the paid internship.  We do have unpaid intern positions for participants who have taken one of our expeditions and are interested in staying on for a long set of field and laboratory experiences. This opportunity is incredibly unique: interns work in the field and lab for their entire time, receiving valuable experience in excavation techniques, site analysis, and public archaeology.

Who can be an Intern?

Montpelier Internships are for college students or recent graduates who have completed Montpelier's archaeology field school and are looking for additional work experience in the archaeological field. Summer interns work throughout the summer before returning to class, while year-long interns are recent graduates who stay on through fall and spring semesters.

What do Interns Do?

Interns work full-time alongside our archaeology staff, conducting archaeological excavations at James Madison's Montpelier. Interns will work on archaeological field schools and on our LEARN Archaeology Expeditions. They will be expected to maintain the same standards as our full-time staff, working on excavations, labwork, paperwork, and engaging with the public. Interns also have the opportunity to conduct archaeological research on elements of Montpelier's excavations, and often present that research at a regional or national conference. We make every effort to advise interns on career aspirations, be it for future employment or graduate school. Many of our interns are active in the field of historical archaeology today.

This year, we are looking for a number of field interns, in addition to a lab intern. 


How are Interns Compensated?

Paid interns receive an hourly rate, and receive free housing at Montpelier. The compimentary housing comes with the expectation that Interns will maintain the house, and prepare it for the archaeology field schools and Expedition Programs. This is a large responsibility, since we run 16 public programs throughout the year, and Arlington House is an important component of their success. Unpaid interns receive free housing at Arlington.

How do I apply?

To become an Intern, you must first enroll or have enrolled in a Montpelier archaeology field school. If you have done this,  you can click here to send an cover letter and CV to Dr. Matthew Reeves, and you will be considered among other candidates for the available position. Candidates will be interviewed, either by phone or during their Field School. Based on the candidates available, paid internships will be offered. Others may be offered unpaid internship opportunities.

For more information on our Field School Programs, visit this link.

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Intern with artifact during excavations at the South Yard.