Research & Collections

Marshall, A.

2011. Between the Mansion and the Field: Excavations at a Late-18th/Early-19th-Century Quarter for Enslaved Artisans.

2009. Archaeological Investigations of the Madison North Detached Kitchen: Final Report, December 2009.

Trickett, Mark A.

2014.  By the Harvest Moon's Light: Excavations of the Field Slave Quarters at the Home of James Madison, 2012-2013.

2013. Can See to Can't See: Excavations of a 18th-19th-century Tobacco Curing Barn and Wheat Threshing Barn in Unplowed Contexts.

2012.  Homes Apart: Excavation of Montpelier's Southeast and Southwest Duplex-Homes for Enslaved Domestic Servants.

2011. Extending the Madison-era Fence Line: The Fence Line Grotto and Fence Line South Excavations, 2007.

2010a. Dolley's Midden: Phase II Investigations of the 19th-century Midden from the Retirement Yeas of the Madisons, 2007 Field Season.

2010b. North West Yard Excavations, 2009.

2010c. Bathroom Area: Mitigation for the Proposed Site of the Mansion Bathrooms on the North Rear Lawn (March-April 2008).

2010d. The South Portico: Excavations, May 2007.

2009. South Yard Excavation Report: Excavations at the South East Duplex and the Southern Portion of the Mansion Grounds Fence Line, 2008.

Reeves, Matthew.

2010. The Search for Willow Gate: Archaeological Investigations of the Madison-era Gate Entrance to the Mansion Grounds. Contributions by Brian Schneider, Hope Smith, and Stefan Woehlke.

2007. Restoration Plan for the Montpelier Front Lawn.

Reeves, Matthew and Kevin Fogle.

2007. Excavations at the Madisons' First Home, Mount Pleasant (1723-1800): Summar of Archaeological Investigations 1997-2004. [For Appendices click here]

Reeves, Matthew and Kimberly Tinkham

2010 The Mansion Portico Report: Excavations of the Montpelier Portico 2004-2006

Reeves, Matthew and Kimberly Tinkham, and Adam Marshall

2010 Rear Lawn Report: Excavations for the Installation of the Mansion Bunker, 2004-2006.

Tinkham, Kimberly and Matthew Reeves.

2010. Mansion Cellars Report: Excavations of the Cellar Spaces for the Main Block of the Mansion (2003-2005 Seasons).


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Excavations at South Yard.  The excavations carried out in 2011 represented a major effort to completely uncover the foundations and yard for the slave quarters at the mansion.