duPont Gallery

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The William duPont Gallery in the Montpelier Visitor Center pays tribute to the legacy of members of another significant Montpelier family—William and Annie duPont, who owned the property for much of the twentieth century. Their daughter, Marion duPont Scott, inherited the estate, which her heirs transferred to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in accordance with her will after her death in 1983. The Gallery displays objects and images related to the duPont’s tenure, during which the site’s equestrian heritage was established. The “Red Room,” a fully reinstalled exhibit of art deco furnishings and decor, showcases the only significant modification Mrs. Scott made to her parents’ home, which was substantially enlarged in the first decade of the twentieth century.

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Life of the duPont Family

Objects highlighting the duPont family's life at Montpelier are newly installed in the William duPont Gallery. The new installation includes personal effects once belonging to William duPont Jr. and Marion duPont Scott. Horse show ribbons, medals, and period photographs are on exhibit and demonstrate the long history of sporting at Montpelier during the duPont's ownership. Additionally, Montpelier continues to pay homage to Marion duPont Scott's champion horse, Battleship.