Repairing the Windows

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Images of the Window Repair

A carpenter repairs original Madison windows that had been removed and reused by the duPonts. During their renovations, the duPonts recycled many of the original Madison window frames by using them in their new additions. However, some of the frames had deteriorated and needed to be repaired before they were reinstalled back in their original locations.

A carpenter installs a new window frame.


A carpenter re-hangs a lead sash weight in the Drawing Room. The original window sashes at Montpelier were weighted with lead weights to help to raise the windows and keep them from falling back down once opened. All of the weights have now been re-installed and the windows again work just as they did during Madison’s lifetime.


Triple-sash Windows

The Montpelier Drawing Room features three triple-sash windows along the east wall. When opened, these floor-to-ceiling windows allowed for easy access to the colonnade and rear lawn.