Reconstructing the Partitions

Research & Collections

Based on evidence found on the floors and in the ceiling framing of the first and second floors, the original Madison partition walls were reconstructed. The locations of doors were determined either by evidence of where large door posts had originally been located or where evidence for a stud survived on the ceiling but not in the floor.

Images of the Partition Reconstruction

The first step in reconstructing the partitions was to investigate the original location of the partition and then record any evidence (including mortises, stud spacing and nail holes) that related to how the partition was framed.

An architect and an architectural historian investigate a ca. 1797 stud that was once used to frame a doorway. This stud was reinstalled in its original location.

Placing a reconstructed stud into a ca. 1765 mortise. After the original stud locations were determined, the next step was to replace the studs in the original locations.

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