What is "Unlocking Montpelier"?

We are in a unique position during this time to keep Montpelier “virtually” open for business by educating, inspiring, and engaging you with our continuing work. We invite you to “Unlock Montpelier” with us, square foot by square foot. We have so many rooms in the house to share, and so many stories to tell. Help us unlock them all!

We are grateful to you for your commitment to Montpelier during this challenging time. So, for every donation made, we will unlock one square foot of the main house. As squares are unlocked, we will gradually reveal videos, images, and other special content from our experts who take care of, study, research, and interpret this house every day. You will learn about archaeological discoveries, architectural clues that aided our restoration, and the way our collections team cares for the hundreds of objects in the house. Meanwhile, your donation will help us continue to do this important work, so that the house is ready to welcome you when it is safe to reopen. Join us now on this exciting journey!

2 for 1 Squares! Thanks to you, we completed The Nancy Woodson Spire Foundation Challenge. The foundation matched all new* and increased gifts, up to $200,000, for the 2020 Fiscal Year. To celebrate completing this match, we are offering squares at a 2 for 1 rate until we finish the Drawing Room!

Are you ready to get started?