Overview of Law Enforcement Programs

The opinion that the Constitution is a set of rules within which police officers must perform their duties is dangerously incomplete. Law enforcement officials are then not only protecting and serving their communities, but also protecting and serving the "People" and the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

These programs are recognized by the Department of Criminal Justice Services in Virginia as a certified criminal justice continuing education program for police officers in Virginia. A similar curriculum is available for law enforcement officials from other states, as we all for federal law enforcement officials and agencies, such as Department of Homeland Security.

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Who is Eligible?

Any Law Enforcement official is eligible to apply. Past participants have included Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs, Police Officers, Virginia State Police, FBI, DEA, Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement, and Homeland Security.

For the advanced law enforcement seminar, participants should be able to demonstrate 10 or more years of service and/or a senior position in their department.

Please contact Jen Howell at to inquire about additional scholarships that may be available in your area. Scholarships and tuition cover the cost of accommodations, meals, reading materials, and documentation for professional development credit.

What You Get

Accommodations and Meals: You will be housed at the Constitutional Village on the grounds of Montpelier near Orange, VA. All meals will be provided.

Seminar Materials: You will receive readings that are specially edited and assembled to reflect the theme of the Seminar.

Recertification Points: You will receive documentation to qualify you for professional development.

How to Apply

Apply online today
. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Howell at