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Reconstruct: Architecture, Gardening, and Cooking Programs

Next Session: Dates for our next Reconstruct Expedition have not yet been set.

Learn about the range of hands-on cooking, preservation, and reconstruction activities you can take part in.

What is a Reconstruction/Restoration Expedition Program?

Hands-on Learning with professionals!

We have been running reconstruction and restoration programs for the past decade. What all of these involve is hands-on restoration/reconstruction of buildings, cooking, and garden landscaping here at Montpelier. These programs are all hands-on where you work with professionals on sites here at Montpelier. You will be learning skills that you can use in your own life–whether it be architectural restoration, architectural recording or hearth-cooking.

Choose the Program you would like to learn more information about.

We run four different Reconstruction/Restoration programs:

  • Historic Building Documentation programs–where participants work with our Historic Architectural Technician to learn how to draw and document historic structures
  • Garden Restoration–where participants work with our Head Horticulturalist to restore garden landscapes
  • Historic Building Restoration–where participants learn restoration techniques for repairing historic structures
  • Cooking Program–where participants make the historic yard spaces come alive with hearth-based cooking programs with cooking experts such as Jerome Bias