Adult Group Tours


The following tour packages/rates are available to groups of 20+ people. All tours, unless otherwise indicated, include the mansion. Reservations are scheduled based on availability. For more information or to inquire about availability, please contact:

Haley Backlund, Ticketing and Sales Manager
Telephone: (540) 672-2728 x148

Choose between a Montpelier Signature Tour... 

The classic, keystone experience of Montpelier touches on everything: Madison the man; The Constitution & Bill of Rights; Slavery, Madison’s worst regret; and Dolley Madison, our first First Lady.
1 hour. $16/person.

Or an In-Depth Tour...

Madison and the Constitution – Liberty, democracy, and the ideas that inspired a nation and changed the world come alive in this tour featuring the life and career of James Madison, Father of the Constitution, as well as the political philosophies and debates embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the "spirit" not just the "letter" of America’s greatest document. 90 minutes. $19/person.

Slavery at Montpelier – Long considered a taboo subject, slavery is a paradox of America, a slave-holding nation that declared to the world that “all men are created equal.” Learn about the historical establishment of slavery in America, the enslaved individuals who lived at Montpelier, and James Madison's personal struggle over the institution. 90 minutes. $19/person.

Dolley Madison and the Women of Montpelier – Diverse, dynamic, and strong women—enslaved and free—founded, farmed, managed, and maintained Montpelier over the past 300 years. Learn how they navigated the oppressive boundaries of gender, race, and class while leaving a lasting influence on American society. 90 minutes. $19/person.

Or any of these Walking Tours...

Historic Landscape Tour — Explore both the natural and human landscape at Montpelier — home to champion native trees, rare flowers, unique specimen plantings, and 200 years of landscaping that is still being revealed daily by Montpelier's archaeologists. $16/person. A tour of the mansion is not included.

The Gilmore Cabin: A Freedman's Farm — Visit the home of an emancipated family after the Civil War, and learn what life was like for newly freed slaves striving to make their way as citizens. $16/person. A tour of the mansion is not included.

Big Woods Walk — Hike through the National Landmark Forest—a rare hardwood climax forest composed of towering poplars, stately oaks, and sprawling beeches. Guests will learn about ecology, conservation, and Madison's role as an early environmentalist. The trail is a gentle mile loop. $16/person. A tour of the mansion is not included.

Civil War Trail and Confederate Encampment — Parts of the Confederate army parked in Montpelier's woods over the winter of 1863–1864. On this tour you will see the archaeological remains of those camps, and the recreated huts re-enactors have built to represent them. $16/person. A tour of the mansion is not included.

Don't see what you're looking for?

We can customize a unique group tour experience with a curatorial, archaeological, constitutional, or other focus. To explore options, please contact:

Haley Backlund, Ticketing Sales Manager
Telephone: (540) 672-2728 x148

Adult Group Tours


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James Madison's Montpelier
11407 Constitution Highway
Montpelier Station, VA 22957.
Located on Route 20, four miles south of the 
town of Orange.