Terry Brock, Ph.D.


Senior Research Archaeologist

Montpelier Research Archaeologist Terry Brock received his PhD in Anthropology from Michigan State University, and his B.A. in Classical Studies at Kalamazoo College. He started at the Montpelier Foundation in the spring of 2014. His research interests include public archaeology, plantation archaeology, landscape archaeology, and African American archaeology, and he conducted his dissertation research on a 19th-century plantation at Historic St. Mary’s City, examining the transition from slavery to freedom. He also has a professional interest in the use of digital and social media as tools for engaging the public in archaeology, and has developed a number of social media programs for the Society for Historical Archaeology, Fairfield Foundation, and the Michigan State Campus Archaeology Program. He has had the privilege of working with students at Michigan State on field schools and independent research projects on historical archaeology.

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Favorite Quote

"Veritas non verba magistri."

—James Madison, 1828

"Truth, not the words of teachers."

Contact Details

Email: tbrock@montpelier.org

Phone: +1 (540) 672-2728 x162


Senior Research Archaeologist