Exchange Cafe at James Madison's Montpelier


Exchange Cafe at James Madison's Montpelier

Open 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 540-308-2084


soup and bread
Dolly Madison’s macaroni soup       cup 4.5/bowl with bread 7.5
daily soup         cup 4.5/bowl with bread 7.5

salads and plates
 hummus and vegetables                9.5
    sliced baguette, olive oil drizzle
local lettuces and green goddess    9.5           
    cucumber, red onion, broccoli, feta
spinach and roasted vegetables      9.5
    candied pecans, balsamic vinaigrette
artisan cheese plate                         12.5
    3 local cheeses, grapes and pita chips
artisan meat plate                             12.5
    hamcetta, dry cured ham, sausage, bread
fresh fruit plate                                  9.5
    seasonal fruits and local honey

sides (8 oz. cup)
home style slaw                 3
macaroni salad                  3
seasonal fruit salad           3
7 bean salad                     3

sugar cured ham and swiss                  7.5
    demi baguette, fig mustard
hickory smoked chicken salad                7.5
    herb wrap, cucumber, baby lettuces
tuna salad with fresh herbs                     7.5
    whole grain bread, pickled red onion
roasted vegetable and Virginia feta         7.5
    fresh herb wrap, hummus
roasted turkey and gouda                    7.5
    herb mayo, ciabatta roll, baby lettuces
roast beef and horseradish mayo       7.5  
    demi baguette, shaved red onion

made to order specialties
bbq exchange pork bbq sandwich           8.5
    potato roll, slaw, bacon-bbq sauce
traditional Virginia ham biscuit                 8.5
    cheddar-chive biscuit, bacon-fig jam

for the children (served with fruit on a stick)
pb+j                    5
    creamy Virginia peanut butter with
    local strawberry jam on wheat bread  
turkey and cheese wrap           5
    sliced roasted turkey and pimiento cheese
    on plain wrap    

raw vegetables, strawberries
    and pimiento cheese          5
    pita chips                

pound cake                4
brownies/bars            3   
cookies                2
Chap’s ice cream            5
gluten-free options            4

bottled beverages        2.2 - 3.2
house brewed iced tea    2.2

espresso/coffee bar
                                         12 oz./16 oz.
Shenandoah Joe’s               2.5/4
latte/cappuccino               4/6
mocha/specialty               5/7
espresso               single 2.5/double 4
add syrup shot                   2



Visitor Center at James Madison's Montpelier

Craig & Donna Hartman
A Culinary Journey

The Barbeque Exchange is the culmination of a 37-year culinary journey. Craig and Donna Hartman’s lives have been centered around the love of food! Their journey took them from the Culinary Institute of America to Gordonsville, Virginia with experiences from the Rockies to the Catskills and lots of stops in between. Craig’s love of all things cooking, and especially over a live fire, led them to a deep love for old school, slow-cooked BBQ.

Inspired by the pit masters they have met over the years, from the Blue Ridge to the Outer Banks, Craig and Donna set out to open a barbeque joint of their own. Craig’s background in fine dining cuisine has honed his palate, and taught him the significance of great food and great company.

Photos by Ron Paris