James Madison's Reading List

"Since I have been at home I have had the leisure to review the literary cargo for which I am so much indebted to your friendship. The collection is perfectly to my mind." —James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, March 18, 1786

James Madison's personal library grew to over 4,000 volumes by the time of his death. His collection, voluminous by period standards, necessitated several storage  spaces throughout Montpelier. Mary E. E. Cutts described Madison's Old Library as filled with "plain cases, not only round the room, but in the middle with just sufficient room to pass between, these cases were filled with books, pamphlets, paper, all every thing of interest to our country before and since the Revolution." Much of Madison's preparation for the 1787 Constitutional Convention required exhaustive reading and research, and he spent the months prior in deep study, pulling ideas from authors and philosophers represented in his growing library.


Nearing the end of his life, Madison planned for the dispersal of his personal collection of books to friends, family, and institutions. In particular, he outlined a gift of what ultimately numbered 431 books and a financial bequest to benefit the University of Virginia's growing library, which he oversaw as rector. Caught in the mounting conflict over the dispersal of Madison's estate, it took nearly twenty years for the books to arrive at the University. The remaining volumes in Madison's collection were sold in June 1854 on the steps of the Orange County Court House to satisfy stepson John Payne Todd's outstanding debts. The University's collection of Madison's books were destroyed during the catastrophic Rotunda fire on October 27, 1895. While it is a tragedy that Madison's books were lost to fire, sale, and history, what remains is the insight he gained from those volumes, which provided the intellectual foundation of American constitutionalism and lives on today. When possible, Montpelier has acquired Madison's original volumes for its permanent collections.


The list below is comprised of over 1,500 titles, including books and pamphlets, which Montpelier's curators have identified through documentary research. Subject matter ranges from religion to natural science to world history and, when possible, books are ordered by author's last name. For questions about Madison's library or to learn more about specific citations, please contact curatorial@montpelier.org.

Author Title Publication date
Abolition Society of Pennsylvania The constitution of the Pennsylvania society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes, Unlawfully Held in Bondage 1788
Achaintre, Nicolas Louis Histoire de Marie-Antoinette 1824
Ackerman, Rudolph Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufacturing 1812; 1809-1822
Adams, Hannah View of All Religions  
Adams, John Collection of State Papers Relative to the First Acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of the US 1782
Adams, John Defence of the Constitution of Government of the United States 1787-88
Adams, John Twenty-six letters, upon interesting subjects, respecting the revolution in American written in 1789
Adams, John Speech of the President of the United States to Both Houses of Congress 1798
Adams, John Message of the President of the United States to Both Houses of Congress, May 4, 1798 1798
Adams, John Quincy Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette 1835
Adams, John Quincy An address delivered at the request of a committee of the citizens of Washington: on the occasion of reading the Declaration of independence, on the fourth of July, 1821 1821
Adams, John Quincy Dermot MacMorrogh, or the conquest of Ireland, an historical tale 1815
Adams, John Quincy Eulogy: on the life and character of James Monroe, fifth President of the United States 1831
Adams, John Quincy Eulogy: on the life and character of James Monroe, fifth President of the United States 1831
Adams, John Quincy Oration on the life and character of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette 1835
Adams, John Quincy Speech Suppressed by the Previous Question of Mr. John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts 1834
Adams, John Quincy [Celebrated Embargo Letter of Mr. Adams] 1824
Adams, John Quincy Report Upon Weights and Measures 1821
Adams, Rev. John Elegant Anecdotes and Bons-Mots 1790
Addins Addins Synopsis pre-1801
Aeschylus Aischylous Promoetheus Desmotes 1829
Akenside, Mark Poetical Works of Mark Akenside  
Akenside, Mark Aikinside’s Works 1799
Albemarle County Virginia Agricultural Society Rules and Regulations of the Agricultural Society of Albemarle 1818
Alexander, Mark Speech of Mr. Alexander on the Tariff Bill delivered in the House of Representatives April 18 1828
Allen, Ethan Allen's theology, or The oracles of reason  
Almon, John Parliamentary Register: History of Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons 1775-1813
Almon, John Another Letter to Mr. Almond in Matter of Libel  
Alsop, Richard Aristocracy. An epic poem… [Bk I-II] 1795
Alumni Association of Nassau Hall Alumni Association of Nassau Hall. At a meeting of the alumni of this institution 1822
American Academy of Language and Belles Lettres Constitution of the American Academy of Language and Belles Lettres 1820
American Colonization Society African Colonization, an inquiry into the origin, plan & prospects of the American Colonization Society 1829
American Quarterly Review Review of the report of the Committee of Ways and Means; and of the message of the President of the United States, relative to the United States Bank 1831
Anatolius Doctrina Temporum 1634
Anderson, James Thoughts on privileges and power of juries, suggested by the case of James Robertson and Walter Berry, printer and booksellers, Edinburgh: to which are added, observations on the present state of this country 1793
Anglican Church Companion to the Altar Shewing the Nature & Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation pre-1801
Anson, George Authentic Account of Commodore Anson's expedition: containing all that was remarkable, curious and entertaining, during that long and dangerous voyage: ... Taken from a private journal 1744
Antoine, A. Vie du jeune Louis XVII n.d.
Antommarchi, Dr. François Carlo Memoires de, ou les Derniers Momens de Napoleon 1825
Antonius Rex Seven Letters n.d.
Appleton, Nathan Speech of Mr. Appleton, of Massachusetts, in reply to Mr. McDuffie of South Carolina 1832
Aquileiensis, Ruffinus Opuscula quaedam 1580
Aquinas, Thomas Dor. Angelicus  
Archer, William Segar Speech of Mr. Archer, on the proposition to amend the Constitution of the United States 1826
Aristotle Treatise on Government 1762-64
Armstrong, General John, Jr. Notices of the War of 1812 by John Armstrong, Late a Major-General in the Army of the United States and Secretary of War 1836
Artaud de Montor, Alexis-François Histoire de L'Assassinat de Gustave III, Roi de Suede 1797
Ashmun, Jehudi History of the American colony in Liberia, from December 1821 to 1823 1826
Atwater, Caleb Mr. Atwater from the Committee on Schools and School Lands made the following report : the committee to whom was referred so much of the governor's message as relates to common schools and school lands, have had these subjects under their consideration, a 1822
Austin, David Academy of science, or, Twilight of millennial day 1794
Azuni, Dominico A. [pamphlet about Barbary pirates]  
Babeuf, Emile Lettre M. le comte Carnot, Ministre de I'Intelerieur, ou Appel a tous les bon Francais, pour 1815
Bacon, Francis Bacon's [The] Essay  
Badger, George Edmund Address delivered before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Societies at Chapel Hill, N. Carolina June 26, 1833 1833
Baglivi, Giorgio The Practice of Physick, to the Ancient Way of Observations containing a just parallel between the Wisdom and Experience of the Ancients, and the hypothesis's of modern physicians Intermix’d with many Practical remarks upon most Distempers 1723
Baines, Edward History of the Wars of the French Revolution 1819
Baker, Henry Employment for the Microscope 1753
Ball, Isaac unidentified pamphlet on Animal Husbandry  
Ball, John Ball on Fevers pre-1801
Bancroft, George History of the United States pre-1801
Banyer, Henry Pharmacopoeia Pauperum: or the Hospital Dispensatory pre-1801
Barbour, James Speech of Mr. J. Barbour, of Virgnia, on the restriction of slavery in Missouri 1820
Barbour, John Strode Speech of Mr. J.S. Barbour, on the proposition to clear the galleries, during the election of the President by the House of Representatives 1825
Barbour, John Strode Spech of Mr. J.S. Barbour, on the propsition to amend the Constitution of the United States respecting the election of president and vice president. Delivered in the House of representatives, March, 1826 1826
Barbour, Philip Pendleton Speech of Mr. P.P. Barbour, of Virginia, delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States, February 10, 1820 1820
Barclay, David An account of the emancipation of the slaves of Unity Valley Pen, in Jamaica 1801
Barclay, Robert Anarchy of the Ranters, and other Libertines, the Hierarchy of the Romanists. and other pretended churches equally rebufed and refuted 1757
Barclay, Robert Apology for the True Christian Divinity, as the same is held forth and preached by the People Called in scorn, Quakers 1736
Baring, Alexander [pamphlet on finance]  
Barlow, Joel A letter to the National convention of France, on the defect in the Constitution of 1791 1791
Barrow, John Dictionarium Polygraphicum: or the whole body of arts regularly digested [Barrows Polygraphic Dictionary]  
Barthelemy, Jean-Jaques Voyages du Jeune Anacharsis en Grece 1789
Barthius, Gaspard Aeneas of Gaza 1655
Barton, David Speech of Mr. D. Barton, of Missouri. In Senate United States. -- Feb . 9, 1830 1830
Barton, William Memoirs of the Life of David Rittenhouse 1813
Barton, William Select American biography; or, An account of the lives of persons connected ... with the history of North America 1814
Bartram, John Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other Matters Worthy of Notice, made by Mr. John Bartram in his Travels from Pennsylvania to Onondaga, Oswego, and the Lake Ontario, in Canada 1751
Basil of Ceaseria [title not given on list] probably On the Holy Spirit  
Bate, George Pharmacopeia Bateana or Bates's Dispensatory pre-1801
Bayle, Pierre Dictionairre Historique et Critique 1734-41
Beasley, Frederick A Search for Truth in the Science of the Human Mind 1822
Beauchamp, Alphonse de Vie de Louis XVIII 1824
Beccaria, Cesare Essay on Crimes and Punishments  
Belknap, Jeremy History of New Hampshire 1784
Bellamy, Joseph A careful and strict examination of the External Covenant 1770
Bellarmin, Roberto Francesco [title not given on list]  
Bentham, Jeremy Draught of a new plan for the organization of the judicial establishment in France 1790
Bentham, Jeremy Papers relative to codification and public instruction ; including correspondence with the Russian Emperor and divers constituted authorities in the American United States 1817
Bentham, Jeremy Supply without burden, or, Escheat vice taxation: being a proposal for a saving in taxes by an extension of the Law of Escheat including Strictures on the taxes on Collateral Successions 1795
Bentham, Jeremy Papers relative to Codification and Public Instruction; including Correspondence with the Russian Emperor and Divers Constituted Authorities in the American United States 1817
Bentham, Jeremy Chrestomathia: Being a collection of papers explanatory of the design of an institution proposed to be set on foot, under the name of The Chrestomathic Day School 1816
Bentley, Rev. William Lectures  
Berlie Chronologie de l'histoire universelle  
Berrian, Samuel An oration delivered before the Tammany Society or Columbian Order, Hibernian Provident, Columbian, and Shipwright's Societies: In the City of New-york, On the Fourth Day of July, 1815 1815
Besler, Basil Polyanthos (the) Illustrated with Many Rare Portraits 1806
Bible Society of Virginia Constitution of the Bible Society of Virginia. 1813
Biddle, Nicholas Address before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture 1822
Bingham, Julius A. Prospectus of a new work, Presidents' speeches, & c. 1822
Binney, Horace Speech of the Hon. Horace Binney, on the question of the removal of the deposits Delivered in the House of Representatives, January, 1834 1834
Blackburne, Dean Historical View of the Controversy on the intermediate state of the Soul  
Blackburne, Dean The Confessional  
Blagrove, William Elements of Chess: A Treatise Combining Theory and Practice 1805
Blair, Hugh Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric And Belles-Letters 1784
Blair, Hugh Sermons  
Blatchly, Cornelius Camden unknown work about Custom of War  
Blondel, Sir James The Power of the Mother's Imagination over the Foetus pre-1801
Bollmann, Erick An account of the attempt to effect the escape of Monsieur de Lafayette from Olmutz 1795
Bollmann, Erick Plan of an Improved System of the Money-Concerns of the Union 1816
Bordley, John Beale Sketches on the Rotation of Crops 1797
Bordley, John Beale Queries Selected from a Paper of the Board of Agriculture in London, on the Nature and Principles of Vegetation 1797
Bordley, John Beale Intending to retire from the bustle of a town life, to a small seat a few miles in the country, consisting of a comfortable house, offices, garden, and 56 acres of arable land with a clay loam rather impoverished, but knowing nothing of husbandry from experience ... I consult practical farmers 1797
Bordley, John Beale Cattle pastured and soiled in summer: kept and fattened in winter 1798
Bordley, John Beale Country Habitations 1798
Bossuet, Jacques-Benigne on 39 articles  
Bossuet, Jacques-Benigne [title not given on list]  
Botta, Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo History of the war of the independence of the United States of America  
Botta, Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo Camillus, or Veii conqured [Camillo] 1816
Botta, Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo History of the War of independence of the United States of America 1820
Bourdaloue, Louis [title not given on list]  
Bowditch, Nathaniel Comet: elements of the orbit of the comet now visible 1811
Bowdler, Jane Poems and Essays by the late Miss Bowdler 1798
Boyd, Walter A letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt: on the influence of the stoppage of issue in specie 1801
Brackenridge, Hugh Henry Modern chivalry: containing adventures of Captain John Farrago, and Teague Oregan his servant  
Brand, Christoffel Jospeh Dissertatio politico-juridica de jure coloniarum 1820
Brannan, John Official Letters of the Military & Naval officers during the late war with Great Britain in the years 1812, 13, 14, & 15 : With some additional letters and documents elucidating the history of that period 1823
Brevint, Daniel Brevents Christian Sacrament pre-1801
British & Foreign Bible Society A Letter in answer to the "speech of the Rev. Dr. Mason: and the thirteenth anniversary meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society 1818
Brodnax, William H. The speech of William H. Brodnax, (of Dinwiddie) in the House of Delegates of Virginia 1832
Brougham, Henry Peter The speech of Henry Brougham, Esq. before the House of Commons, Friday, April 1, 1808 1808
Brown, Obadiah B. The divine goodness acknowledges and illustrated: a sermon, delivered in the Baptist meeting House 1815
Brown, Thomas Observations on the Zoonomia of Erasmus Darwin 1798
Browne, Peter Arrell An Address intended to promote geological and mineralogical survey of Pennsylvania 1826
Bruckner, John A Philosophical Survey of Animal Creation, An Essay, Wherein the General Devastation and Carnage, that Reign among the Different Classes of Animals are Considered in a New Point of View...Translated from the French 1770
Bruyère, Jean de La Caractères ? [Identified only by author on list]  
Bryant, William Cullen The American Landscape 1830
Buchanan, Daniel An Account of the sales and imports of cotton 1829
Buckmaster, William Sermons  
Buckminster, Joseph Stevens Buckminster’s Sermons 1817
Bulteel , John Apothegems of Antients [Apothegms of Ancients]  
Burke, Edmund An appeal from the new to the old Whigs, in consequence of some late discussions in Parliament relative to the Reflections on the French Revolution 1791
Burke, Edmund An Impartial History of the War in American between Great Britain and her Colonies from Its Commencement to the end of the Year 1779  
Burkitt, William Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament pre-1801
Burnet, Gilbert History of Our Own Time  
Burns, Robert Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish dialect  
Burrish, Onslow Batavia Illustria, or A View of the Policy and Commerce of the United Provinces  
Butler, Benjamin Franklin Remarks on private banking, addressed to the Honorable Isaac Pierson 1818
Butler, Joseph Analogy of Religion, Natural, and Revealed to the Constitution and Course of Nature  
Butler, Joseph Eight Sermons Preach'd at the Honourable Robert Boyle's Lecture in the First Year, MDCXCII  
Butler, Samuel British HUDIBRASS. A Burlesque POEM pre-1801
Cabell, Joseph Carrington Speech on the anti-tariff resolutions passed at the session of the Legislature of Virginia 1831
Cabell, Joseph Carrington A synopsis of the James River and Kanawha improvement, with a view to the value and productiveness of the capital stock ofthe company. With an appendix, containing sundry llustrative documents. 1833
Cadet de Vaux, Antoine Alexis Dissertation sur le Café 1806
Cadwalader, John Reply to General Joseph Reed's Remarks on a late publication in the independent Gazetteer with some observations on his Address to the People of Pennsylvania 1783
Caldwell, Dr. Charles Elements of Phrenology 1824
Calhoun, John C. Remarks of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun: delivered in the Senate of the United States 1834
Calhoun, John C. The South Carolina Exposition and Protest 1828
Call, Daniel Call’s Reports 1805
Callendar, James Thompson History of the United States for 1796 Including a Variety of Interesting Particulars Relative to the Federal Government 1797
Callender, James Thomson The political progress of Britain: or An impartial history of abuses in the Government of the British Empire, in Europe, Asia, and America 1794
Callender, James Thomson The prospect before us 1800-1
Callender, James Thomson A short history of the nature and consequences of excise laws ; including some account of the recent interruption of the Manufactories of Snuff and Refined Sugars 1795
Calonne, Charles Alexander Lettre adressée à M. Jefferson,ministre plénipotentiare des Etats-Unis d'Amérique : à Fontainebleau, le 22 octobre 1786
Calonne, Charles Alexander Motif de M. de Calonne & c. [Mr. Calonne’s publication] 1788
Calvin, John [title not given on list]  
Candid Virginian Positive facts, versus envious assertions: being an impartial review and refutation of all the Charges Preferred against Governor De Witt Clinton 1823
cardinal de Retz, Jean Francois Paul de Gondi Memoirs de Cardinal de Retz  
cardinal de Retz, Jean Francois Paul de Gondi Lettres du Cardinal de Retz 1654-60
Carey, Mathew The New Olive Branch 1820
Carey, Mathew Address delivered before the Philadelphia Society from Promoting Agriculture 1827
Carey, Mathew Essays on the public charities of Philadelphia, intended to vindicate the benevolent societies 1829
Carey, Mathew An examination of the Report of a committee of the citizens of Boston : and its vicinity, opposed to a further increase of duties on importation 1828
Carey, Mathew Prospects on the banks of the Rubicon 1814
Carey, Mathew Addresses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry 1819
Carey, Mathew The American Museum: or Repository of Ancient and Modern Fugitive Pieces, Prose, and Poetical 1789
Carey, Mathew Vindicæ Hibernicæ: or, Ireland Vindicated: An Attempt to Develop and Expose a Few of the Multifarious Errors and Falsehoods Respecting Ireland 1819
Carey, Mathew [Carey’s] Book Catalog 1821
Carey, Mathew Appeal to Common Sense and Common Justice or, Irrefragable facts opposed to plausible theories: intended to prove the extreme injustice, as well as the utter impolicy, of the existing tariff 1822
Carpenter, Thomas The American senator, or A copious and impartial report of the debates in the Congress of the United States: including all treaties, addresses, proclamations, &c 1796
Carter, Nathaniel Hazeltine Pains of the Imagination  
Cartwright, John An Abridgment of the English Constitution produced and illustrated by J. Cartwright 1824
Cartwright, John The English Constitution produced and illustrated by J. Cartwright 1823
Cartwright, John American independence the interest and glory of Great Britain; containing arguments which prove that not only taxation, but in Trade, Manufactures, and Government, the colonies are entitled to an entire Independency on the British Legislature 1776
Caves, William Lives of the Most Eminent Fathers of the Church  
Chalmers, Dr. Thomas Political Annuals of the Present United Colonies from settlement to the peace of 1768  
Chalmers, George The Author of Junius Ascertained, from a Concatenation of Circumstances amounting to Moral Demonstration. 1817
Chalmers, George A Collection of Treaties Between Great Britain and other Powers  
Chambers, Ephraim Cyclopaedia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences pre-1801
Chapone, Hester Works of Mrs. Chapone 1775
Chase, Jeremiah Bill of rights, liberty of conscience, trial by jury, no excise, no poll tax, no standing army in peace without limitation, no whipping militia, nor marching them out of the state without consent of the general assembly, no direct taxation without previous requisition 1789
Chazotte, Peter Stephen A new system of banking,: developed and exemplified, in a new scheme to establish a merchants bank of general deposits. : And also, in a scheme to establish a grand national bank. 1815
Chazotte, Peter Stephen Facts and Observations on the Culture of Vines, Olives, Capers, Almonds, &c. in the Southern States, and of Coffee, Cocoa, and Cochineal, in East Florida 1821
Cheetham, James Annals of the corporation! relative to the late contested elections: with strictures upon the conduct of the majority : in seven numbers 1802
Cheetham, James A reply to Aristides 1804
Cheetham, James A narrative of the suppression by Col. Burr, of the History of the Administration of John Adams late president of the United States 1802
Cheves, Langdon Occasional reviews. No. II. 1832
Chillingworth, William [title not given on list]  
Chompre, Pierre Dictionaire de la Fable  
Chrysostom, John [title not given on list]  
Church of England Book of Common Prayer [3 copies] pre-1801
Church, Dr. Benjamin An Elegy on the Times 1775
Churchman, John An explanation of the magnetic atlas, or variation chart, hereunto annexed. Projected on a plan entirely new, by which the magnetic variation on any part of the globe may be precisely determined, for any time, past, present, or future: and the variation and latitude being accurately known, the longitude is of consequence truly determined 1790
Cicero, Marcus Tullius Cicero's Epistles to Atticus  
Citizen of America Political opinions, particularly respecting the seat of federal empire 1789
Clare, Martin Youth introduction to trade and business … For the use of schools, done upon the plan of the late Col. Ayre's essay 1727
Clare, Martin The Motion of Fluids, Natural and Artificial; In particular that of the Air and Water pre-1801
Clark , James Treatise on Shoeing [Clark's Farriery] pre-1801
Clarke, Samuel A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God  
Clarke, Samuel Sermons on Several Subjects  
Clay, Henry Mr. Clay's speech upon the tariff: or, the "American System," so called or the Anglican System 1827
Clay, Henry Speech of Henry Clay, in defense of the American system against the British Colonial System 1832
Clay, Henry Speech of Henry Clay, Delivered at the Mechanics’ Collation, In the Apollonian Garden, In Cincinnati, on the 3D of August, 1830 1830
Clay, Henry Speech of Henry Clay, in the Senate of the United States, February 25, 1833 [Speech on bill modifying the tariff] 1833
Clayton, John Middleton Speech of Mr. Clayton of Delaware in the Senate of the United States 1831
Clayton, John Middleton Speech of Mr. Clayton of Delaware in the Senate of the United States [copy 2] 1831
Clinton, DeWitt Vindication of Thomas Jefferson on the charges contained in a pamphlet titled "Serious considerations," &c 1800
Coffey, William A. Inside Out, or an Interior View of the New-York State Prison, together with biographical sketches of the lives of several of the convicts 1823
Coke, Edward The First Part of the Institutes of the Lawes of England A Commentary upon Littleton  
Colden, Cadwallader D. Memoir, Prepared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Council of the City of New York, and Presented to the Mayor of the City, at the Celebration of the Completion of the New York Canals 1825
College of William and Mary The officers, statues and charter of the College of William and Mary. 1817
Colman, Henry Discourse on the proper test of the Christian Character 1824
Colman, Henry An oration delivered in Salem, July 4, 1826, at the request of the town, on the completion of a half century since the declaration of American independence 1826
Colton, Calvin Four Years in Great Britain, 1831-1835 1835
Comte de Las Cases, Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné-Joseph Memorial de Ste Helene: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of Emp[eror] Napoleon at Saint Helena  
Comte de Volney, Constantin-Francois Voyage en Egypte et en Syrie, pendent les annees 1783, 1784, et 1785  
Comte de Volney, Constantin-Francois The Ruins; or, A Survey of the Revolutions of Empires 1803
Condamine, Charles Marie de La Condamine's travels into Italy  
Condorcet, Nicolas de Sur les Fonctions des Etats-Généraux et des autres Assemblées Nationales  
Condorcet, Nicolas de Authentic copy of the new plan of the French Constitution as Presented to the Nat. Convention by the committee of constitution to which is prefixed the speech of M. Condorcet 1793
Condorcet, Nicolas de Lettres d’un citoyen des États-Unis, à un Francais, sur les affaires presents 1788
Condorcet, Nicolas de Sentimens d’un républican, sur les assemblées provincials et les États generaux, suite des “Lettres d’un citoyen des États-Unis à un Français, sur les affaires présentes 1788
Condorcet, Nicolas de Essai sur la constitution et les fonctions des assemblées provinciales 1788
Condorcet, Nicolas de Vie de Turgot par Condorcet 1786
Condy, Thomas D. An Oration, Delivered, in St. Philip's Church, before an Assemblage of the Inhabitants of Charleston, South-Carolina, on the 5th Day of July, 1819 1819
Conover, Samuel F. Inaugural Dissertation on Sleep and Dreams, Their Effects on the Faculties of the Mind, and the Causes of Dreams 1794
Continental Congress Grand committee, consisting of [blank] to whom was referred a motion of Mr. Monroe for repealing those acts of Congress which recommend to the states thus circumstanced, the cession of vacant and unappropriated territory, to the United States, so far as they respect the jurisdiction of the same,--beg leave to report 1780
Cooley, Ebenezer Brief exposition of the claim of Ebenezer Cooley, of the state of Louisiana upon the Government of the United States 1827
Cooper, Thomas Extract of a letter to a student at law. 1815
Cooper, Thomas Dr. Cooper on the tariff. 1824?
Cooper, Thomas Introductory lecture on chemistry: delivered at the College of South Carolina in Columbia, January 1820 1820
Cooper, Thomas Reply to Mr. Burke's invective against Mr. Cooper and Mr.Watt in the House of Commons 1792
Cooper, Thomas [pamphlet on politics]  
Cooper, Thomas Lectures on the Elements of Political Economy 1826
Cooper, Thomas [Report on South Carolina College] 1822
Cooper, Thomas Political Essays 1800
Correia da Serra, José Francisco Observations and Conjectures on the Formation and Nature of the Soil of Kentucky 1818
Corrie, Edgar Consideration of the Corn Laws 1791
Count D’Albon, Claude Camille Francois Discours sur L'Historie, le Gouvernment, les Usages de la litterature et les arts 1782
Coxe, Tench Exposition of some facts relative to the personal conduct and business of the office of Tench Coxe, purveyor of public supplies 1805
Coxe, Tench Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain, respecting neutrals since the year 1791 1807
Coxe, Tench Thoughts on the subject of naval power in the United States, & on the means of protecting commerce and manufactures 1807
Coxe, Tench An Addition, of December 1818, to the Memoir, of February and August 1817, on the Subject of the Cotton Culture, the Cotton Commerce, and the Cotton Manufacture of the United States 1818
Coxe, Tench [Spoliation of Neutrals] 1807?
Coxe, Tench Civilization Feb. 26 1820
Coxe, Tench Letters of an American Citizen No. 1 and No. 2 1787
Coxe, William Sketches of the Naturall, Civil, and Political State of Switzerland  
Coyer, Abbe Gabriel Francois Supplement to Lord Anson's Voyage round the world containing a discovery and description of the Island of Frivola 1752
Crawford, John A Lecture, introductory to a course of lectures on the cause, seat, and cure of diseases 1811
Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St. John Lettres d'un Cultivateur Américain [Letters of an American Farmer]  
Crockett, George F. H. Address to the legislature of Kentucky on the abolition of capital punishments 1823
Crockett, George F. H. Address to the Legislature of this state [Kentucky] 1823
Cruden, Alexander A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures pre-1801
Culpeper, Nicholas The English physitian: or an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation pre-1801
Cushing, Caleb Oration pronounced at Boston before the Colonization Society of Massachusetts on the anniversary of American independence, July 4, 1833 1833
Cushing, Caleb Oration delivered before the citizens of Newburyport on the fifty-sixth anniversary of American independence 1832
Cushing, Caleb Speech of Mr. Cushing, of Massachusetts, on the Right of Petition, as Connected with Petitions for the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia. In The House Of Representatives, January 25, 1836 1836
Custis, George Washington Parke Address to the People of the United States on the importance of encouraging agriculture 1808
d’Aubigne, Jean-Henri Merle Discourse on the study of history of Christianism, and its usefulness at this Epoch 1833
Daillé, Jean A Treatise concerning the Right Use of the Fathers, in the decision of the controversies that are at this day in Religion 1651
Dallas, Alexander James Memorial and Remonstrance of the public creditors who are citizens of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by their committee, duly appointed 1790
Dalrymple, Sir John Address of the People of Great Britain to the inhabitants of America 1775
Darusmont, Frances Wright [Plan for the Abolition of Slavery in the United States] 1825
Davis, Matthew Livingston Letters of Marcus and Philo-Cato, addressed to Dewitt Clinton, Esq. 1810
Davy, Sir Humphry Elements Of Agricultural Chemistry In A Course Of Lectures 1813
Dawson, Moses A historical narrative of the civil and military services of Major-General William H. Harrison, and a vindication of his character and conduct as a statesman, a citizen, and a soldier 1824
Day, Thomas Reflections on the Present State of England, and the Independence of America  
de Azanza, Duke of Santa Fe, Miguel Jose [unknown pamphlet]  
de Beauvoir, François Jean, Marquis de Chastellux De la Felicite Publique 1772
de Beauvoir, François Jean, Marquis de Chastellux Voyage de Mr. le Chevalier de Chastelleux en Amérique  
de Beauvoir, François Jean, Marquis de Chastellux Travels in North America in the Years 1780, 1781, 1782 1787
de Chateaubriand, François-René Reflecxions politiques sur quelques ecrits du jour, et sur les interrets de tous le francais 1814
de Felice, Fortune Barthelemy Code de l'humanite  
de Iturbide, Agustin Statement of Some of the Principal Events in the Public Life of Agustin de Iturbide, translated by M.J. Quin 1824
de la Harpe, Jean-François Cours de litterature ancienne et moderne  
de Pradt, Dominique-Georges-Frederic Dufour Europe after the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle; forming the sequel to the Congress of Vienna 1820
Deane, Samuel New England Farmer, or Georgical Dictionary Containing a compendious account of the ways and methods in which the important art of husbandry in all its various branches, is, or may be, practised, to the greatest advantage, in this country 1790
Deane, Silas Paris Papers, or Mr. Silas Deane's Late intercepted letters to his brother and Other Friends 1824
Delaplaine, Joseph Delaplaine’s Repository of the Lives and Portraits of Distinguished American Characters 1815
Dew, Thomas Roderick Essay on the Interest of Money, and the Policy of Laws against Usury 1834
Dickinson, John Essay on the Constitutional Power of Great Britain over the Colonies 1774
Dickinson, John Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the inhabitants of the British Colony 1768
Dickinson, John Reply to a piece called The Speech of Joseph Galloway, Esq. 1764
Dickinson, John Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the inhabitants of the British Colony 1769
Dickinson, John Letters of Fabius, in 1788, on the federal Constitution, and in 1797 on the Present Situation of Public Affairs 1797
Dickinson, Jonathan Gods Protecting Providence Man's surest help and defence in Times of the greatest difficulty and most imminent danger evidenced in the remarkable deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other persons, from the devouring waves of the sea, amongst which they suffered shipwreck; and also from the cruel devouring jaws of the inhuman cannibals of Florida. Faithfully related by Jonathan Dickenson [i.e., Dickinson], one of the persons concerned therein 1699
Diderot, Denis System de la nature  
Diderot, Denis Sur les sourds and muets  
Diderot, Denis Sur les aveugles  
Diderot, Denis Sur la Nature  
Diderot, Denis Sur la Morale  
Doddridge, Phillip The Family Expositor or a Paraphrase on the Epistle of Paul (6 vols) pre-1801
Doddridge, Phillip The Rise and Progress of Re­li­gion in the Soul pre-1801
Doddridge, Phillip Practical Discourse on Regeneration pre-1801
D'Oyley, Daniel Letter addressed to His Excellency Charles Pinckney 1807
du Fresnoy, Charles Alphonse Chronologie de l'historire universalle  
Dubos, Jean-Baptiste Critical Reflections on Piety & Painting  
Duer, William Alexander Outlines of the constitutional jurisprudence of the United States 1833
Dufief, Nicholas Gouin Nature Displayed in her mode of Teaching Language to Man 1821
Dunglison, Robley Lecture Delivered to the Medical Class of the University of Virginia at the conclusion of the 1833
Dunglison, Robley Address, delivered to the graduates in medicine, at the annual commencement of the 1834
Dunglison, Robley Human Physiology 1832
Dunlap, William Memoirs of the Life of George Frederick Cooke 1816
Duns Scotus, John [title not given on list]  
Dunton, John Athenian Sports pre-1801
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Address delivered at the opening of the Law Academy of Philadelphia, on the 21st February, 1821 1821
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Being an Annual Oration Delivered before the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge 1821
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Report made to the Historical & Literary Committee of the American Philospophical Society 1819
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Report made to the Historical Literary Committee of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Knowledge 1819
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Bynkershoek’s Treatise on the Law of War; Being the first book of his “Quaestiones Juris Publici” Translated from the Latin, with Notes by P.S. Deponceau 1810
Duponceau, Peter Stephen [Discourse on the Early History of Pennsylvania] 1821
Duponceau, Peter Stephen [copy of address on Central Seminary of Jurisprudence]  
Duponceau, Peter Stephen Essays on American silk, and the best means of rendering it a source of individual and national wealth, with directions to farmers for raising silk worms 1830
DuPont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [memoir on agriculture and manufacturing]  
DuPont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [work on education]  
DuPont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [Pamphlet, Dupont’s plan of national education]  
Dwyer, John Hanbury An Essay on Elocution 1824
Eaton, Amos To the gentlemen residing in the vicinity of the Erie Canal. 1822
Edwards, Jonathan In Answer  
Edwards, Jonathan On free Will and Moral Agency  
Edwards, Jonathan Nature of True Virtue  
Elliott, Benjamin Oration on the Inauguration of the Federal Constitution delivered in Concert Hall, Charleston 1813
Elliott, Thomas Odingsell An oration, delivered in St. Philip's Church: Charleston, South Carolina, on the fourth of July, 1821 before the '76 Association 1821
Emmons, Richard The Fredoniad; or, Independence Preserved. An Epic Poem on the Late War of 1812 1832
Erasmus, Desiderius [title not given on list]  
Eusebius of Caseseria [title not given on list, possibly Ecclesiastical History or Chronicle]  
Eustace, John Chetwode Eustace's Tour in Italy; including a view of its Scenery, its Antiquities, and its Monuments, especially those of Classical interest 1814
Evans, Oliver The Young Mill-Wright & Miller's Guide. 1795
Everett, Alexander Hill British opinions on the protecting system being a reply to strictures 1830
Everett, Alexander Hill A few notes on certain passages respecting the law of nations 1824
Everett, Alexander Hill America: or, a General Survey of the Political Situation of the several Powers of the Western Continent By a citizen of the United States, author of Europe, &c 1827
Everett, Edward Speech of Mr. Edward Everett: on the proposition to amend the constitution of the US 1824
Everett, Edward Address delivered before the American Institute of the City of New York 1831
Everett, Edward An Address delivered at Bloody Brook, in South Deerfield, September 30, 1835 1835
Everett, Edward An address delivered before the literary societies of Amherst College 1835
Everett, Edward Address of his excellency Edward Everett, to the two branches of the Legislature 1836
Everett, Edward Eulogy on Lafayette: delivered at Fanueil Hall, at the request of the Young Men of Boston, September 6, 1834 1834
Everett, Edward An oration delivered at Concord, April the nineteenth, 1825 1825
Everett, Edward Remarks of Mr. Edward Everett of Massachusetts, in the House of Representatives 1832
Everett, Edward Remarks of Mr. Edward Everett on the French Question, in the House of Representatives 1835
Everett, Edward Speech of Mr. Edward Everett, on the subject of retrenchment 1828
Everett, Edward Speech of Mr. Edward Everett, of Massachusetts, on the bill for removing the Indians from the East to the West side of the Mississippi 1830
Everett, Edward Speech of Mr. Edward Everett, or Massachusetts in the House of Representatives on the 14th and 21st of February, 1831 1831
Everett, Edward Oration Delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1824 by Edward Everett 1825
Everett, Edward Address on the Centennial Anniversary of the arrival of Governor Winthrop at Charlestown 1830
Everett, Edward A Eulogy on the Life and Character of John Quincy Adams delivered at the request of the legislature of Massachusetts, in Fauneil Hall, April 15, 1848 1848
Ewell, Thomas Beale The Virginia Family Physician 1825
Fellows, John [unnamed book] probably “An exposition of the mysteries; or, Religious Dogmas and Customs of the ancient Egyptians, Pythagoreans, and Druids. Also an inquiry into the origin, history, and purport of Freemasonry 1835
Fenelon, Francois [title not given on list]  
Ferdinand VII of Spain Real cedula de S.M. y señores del Consejo: para que se ponga en execucion 1827
Ferdinand VII of Spain Memoires Historiques sur Ferdinand VII, Roi des Espagnes 1824
Ferguson, Adam Essay on the History of Civil Society 1773
Filson, John Discovery, Settlement, and Present State of Kentucky [Histoire de Kentucke, Nouvelle Colonie a l’Ouest de la Virginie] 1785
Finch, John On the Celtic antiquities of America 1800
Finch, John Geological essay on the tertiary formations in America 1828
Finch, John On the effect of the physical geography of the world on the boundaries of empires 1828
Finch, John Geological Essay on the Tertiary Formations in America 1824
Finch, John On The Celtic Antiquities of America 1823
Finch, John On the Effect of the Physical Geography of the World on the Boundaries of Empires, Essay Part II 1829
Fitzhugh, William Henry Controversy between Caius Gracchus and Opimius, in reference to the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United States: first published in the Richmond Enquirer 1827
Flavel, John A Saint Indeed pre-1801
Floyer, Sir John Psycholoysia: or, the History of Cold Bathing: Both Ancient and Modern. 1709
Fontaine, Jean de La La Fontaine's Fables 1804
Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de Entretiens sur la pluralite des mondes  
Foote, Samuel [Foote’s Farces]  
Fothergill, Dr. Anthony Remarks on the Smut and Mildew of Wheat 1808
Fox, Charles James Letter from the Right Honorable Charles James Fox, to the worthy and independent electors of the city and liberty of Westminster 1793
Francis, Dr. John Wakefield An Address: delivered on the anniversary of the Philolexian Society of Columbia College, May 15, 1831 1831
Franklin, Benjamin Specific work not cited (cited as "political, misc, and philosophical pieces")  
Franklin, Benjamin The Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, in Philosophy, Politics, and Morals: Containing beside all the writings, published in former collections, his Diplomatic correspondence as 1816-1819
Fraser, Donald The Mental flower garden, or, An instructive and entertaining companion for the fair sex 1807
Fraser, Donald A collection of select biography: or, The bulwark of truth being a sketch of the lives and testimonies of many eminent laymen, in different countries, who have professed their belief in, and attachment to the Christian religion --whether distinguished as statesmen, patriots, philosophers, &c. : --to which are prefixed two letters to Thomas Paine, containing some important queries and remarks relative to the probable tendency of his Age of reason 1798
Fraser, Donald A compendium of the history of all nations: exhibiting a concise view of the origin, progress, decline, and fall of the most Considerable Empires, Kingdoms, and States in the World 1809
Freneau, Philip Morin The American Village 1772
Freneau, Philip Morin Poems written and published during the American Revolutionary War 1809
Freneau, Philip Morin Poems written and published during the American Revolutionary War 1809
Gallatin, Albert An examination of the conduct of the executive of the United States, toward the French Republic...in a series of letters By a Citizen of Pennsylvania 1797
Gardiner, John Ralph The American Gardener, Containing Ample Directions for Working a Kitchen Garden Every Month in the Year, and Copious Instructions for the Cultivation of Flower Gardens, Vineyards, Nurseries, Hop Yards, Green Houses, and Hot Houses 1818
General Assembly of Maryland Report of Mr. Teackle, chairman of the select committee, upon the memorials of sundry citizens of different counties praying for the establishment of a state’s bank to be founded upon the invested money in the treasury for the supply of revenue and general convenience of the people: made in the House of Delegates of the General Assembly of Maryland 1830
General Assembly of Maryland Report of the Committee on Ways and Means to the legislature of Maryland, December session, 1831 1832
General Assembly of Maryland Report of the committee on ways and means, in obedience to an order of the House of Delegates, instructing that committee to report its opinion upon the sufficiency of the existing revenue to sustain several propositions 1832
Gerry, Elbridge French originals of all the documents, translations which accompanied the message of the president of the United States, of the 18th January, 1799 1799
Gibbon, Edward Gibbon's continuation of his History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire  
Gibbon, Edward Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Esquire 1814 (new edition of 1796 original with added material
Gilpin, Henry Dilworth A Speech delivered at the Democratic Celebration by the Citizens of the Second Congressional district of Pennsylvania 1834
Gilpin, Henry Dilworth Oration on the 4th of July  
Gilpin, Joshua A memoir on the rise, progress, and present state of the Chesapeake and Delaware canal, accompanied with original documents and maps 1821
Goldsmith, Oliver History of Greece  
Government of Spain Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy, 1812 1814
Graham, John A. Graham’s Junius 1828
Gray, Francis Calley Letter to Governor Lincoln in relation to Harvard University 1831
Gray, Francis Calley Oration, on the Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington 1832
Green, Rev Jacob Observations, on the reconciliation of Great-Britain, and the Colonies 1776
Gregory of Nyssa [title not given on list] 1615
Griffin, Edward Dorr A Plea for Africa. A sermon preached October 26, 1817 in the First Presbyterian Church in the city of. New York before the Synod of New York 1817
Grimke, Thomas S. Address at the dedication of the building in Chalmers Street, designed as a depository for Bibles, Tracts, and Sunday School Books 1829
Grimke, Thomas S. Address on the character and objects of science: and, especially the influence of the Reformation on the science and literature, past, present and future, of Protestant nations ; delivered in the First Presbyterian Church ... being the anniversary of the Literary and Philosophical Society of South-Carolina 1823
Grimke, Thomas S. Address on the expediency and duty of adopting the Bible as a class book in every scheme of education,: From the primary school to the university 1830
Grimke, Thomas S. Address at the celebration of the Sunday School Jubilee or the 50th year from the Institution of Sunday Schools 1831
Grimke, Thomas S. A letter to the Honorable John C. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States, Robert Y. Hayne, Senator Of The United States 1832
Grimke, Thomas S. Oration on the advantages, to be derived from the introduction to the Bible and Sacred Literature as essential parts of all education 1830
Grimke, Thomas S. The temperance reformation the cause of Christian morals; an address delivered before the Christian Temperance Society and the Young Men 's Temperance Society of Charleston on Tuesday evening, Feb. 25, 1834 in St. Stephen’s Chapel 1834
Grimke, Thomas S. Oration on the duties of youth to instructors and themselves: on the Importance of the Art of Speaking, and of Debating Societies 1832
Grimke, Thomas S. Address on the power and value of the Sunday school system in evangelizing heathen and re-constructing Christian communitys 1834
Grimke, Thomas S. Report of Committee of Senate of South-Carolina, on the Practicability...of reducing the Law to the Form of a Code 1827
Grimke, Thomas S. Oration on the principal duties of Americans delivered before the Washington Society, and other citizens of Charleston : in the Second Presbyterian Church, on Thursday the 4th of July 1833
Grimke, Thomas S. Oration on the Principal Duties of Americans; Delivered before the Washington Society and other Citizens of Charleston in the Second Presbyterian Church on Thursday the 4th of July 1833
Gronovius, Johann Friedrich Flora Virginica, exhibens Plantas quas. 1762
Grosier, Jean-Baptiste Description of China  
Gross, Ezra Carter Speech of Mr. Gross of New York on the restriction of slavery in Missouri 1820
Grotius, Hugo Law of Nature and Nations  
Grotius, Hugo De iure belli ac pacis  
Grotius, Hugo Truth of Christian Religion  
Guillemard, Robert Memoirs of a French Serjeant, written by himself, comprising Adventures in Germany, Spain, Russia, Siberia, & c. from 1805 to 1823. 1827
Guillie, Docteur Esai sur l'Instruction des Avengles, ou Expose Analytique 1817
Guilloton, Noelle Le bon-sens  
Gurley, Ralph Randolph Discourse, delivered on the fourth of July, 1825, in the city of Washington 1825
Gurley, Ralph Randolph African Repository and Colonial Journal 1831
Gurney, Joseph John Substance of an address, on the right use and application of knowledge lately delivered to the Mechanics of Manchester at their Institution in that town 1833
Haines, Charles G. Examination into the expediency of establishing a Board of Agriculture in the state of N. York 1819
Hakluyt, Richard Principal Navigations, Voiages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation  
Hale, James W. An historical account of the Siamese twin brothers, from actual observation 1834
Hall, James Sketches of History, Life, and Manners in the West containing accurate descriptions of the country and modes of life, in the western states and territories 1835
Hamilton, Alexander Federalist Papers 1799
Hamilton, Alexander Observations on Certain Documents Contained in No. V. & VI. of “The History of the United States for the Year 1796,” in which the Charge of Speculation against Alexander Hamilton, Late Secretary of the Treasury, is fully refuted 1797
Hamilton, James, Jr. Speech of James Hamilton Jr. of South Carolina, in the House of Representatives February 5, 1827, on the abuses of a government press 1827
Hamilton, James, Jr. Speech of Mr. Hamilton of South Carolina on the Panama Mission delivered in the House of Representatives, April 6, 1826 1826
Harper, Robert Goodloe An address from Robert Goodloe Harper of South Carolina to his Constituents containing his reasons for approving of the treaty of amity, commerce, and Navigation with Great Britain 1796
Harris, James An Introduction to the History of the Dutch Republic, for the Last Ten Years, Reckoning From the Year 1777 1788
Harris, Thomas A treatise on the force and energy of crude mercury pre-1801
Harris, Walter A Defence of the Scots Abdicating Darien: including an Answer to the Defence of the Scots Settlement there 1700
Harrison, William Henry Remarks of General Harrison, Late Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to the Republic of Colombia, on Certain Charges Made Against Him by that Government. To which is added, an Unofficial letter, from General Harrison to General Bolivar, on the Affairs of Colomiba; with notes Explanatory of his Views of the Present State of that Country. 1830
Harvey, William Anatomical Lectures 3 vol pre-1801
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph Elements of the Geometry of Planes and Solids 1828
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph A Popular Exposition of the System of the Universe, with plates and tables 1828
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph Papers on Various Subjects Concerned with the Survey of the Coast of the United States 1825
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables: to Seven Places of Decimals, in a Pocket Form 1830
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph Comparison of weights and measures of length and capacity / reported to the Senate of the United States by the Treasury Department in 1832, and made by Ferd. Rod. Hassler 1832
Hassler, Ferdinand Rudolph Elements of arithmetic theoretical and practical 1826
Hay, George Speech delivered in the Legislature of Virginia, in the session of 1816-17 1817
Hayne, Robert Young An oration, delivered in St. Phillip's church, before the inhabitants of Charleston 1814
Hayne, Robert Young Second speech of Mr. Hayne of South Carolina in Reply to Mr. Webster; the RESOLUTION OFFERED BY MR. FOOT, RELATIVE TO THE PUBLIC LANDS BEING UNDER CONSIDERATION. DELIVERED IN THE SENATE, JANUARY 27, 1830
Hayne, Robert Young Speech of Mr. Hayne of South Carolina, on Mr. Foot's resolution proposing an Inquiry Into the Expediency of Abolishing the Office of Surveyor 1830
Hayne, Robert Young Speech of the Hon. Robert Y. Hane (of South Carolina) on the reduction of the tariff 1832
Hayne, Robert Young Speeches of the Hon. Robert Y. Hayne and the Hon. Daniel Webster Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Jan. 21 and 26, 1830 1830
Hayne, Robert Young Speech of the Hon. Robert Y. Hane (of South Carolina) on the reduction of the tariff 1832
Hayne, Robert Young Speech of the Hon. Robert Y. Hane (of South Carolina) on the reduction of the tariff 1832
Hayne, Robert Young Speech of the Honorable Robert Y. Hayne (of South Carolina) 1832
Helvétius, Claude Adrien De l'Homme  
Hénault, Charles-Jean-François Chronologie de France  
Hening, William Waller The New Virginia Justice 1795
Hennepin, Louis Description de la Louisiane  
Hennepin, Louis Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres gramd Pays situe dans l'Amerique, 1697
Hermais Raillerie des Philosophespaiens 1700
Herodotus Specific Work not cited  
Hervé, J. A discourse on the history and importance of the philosophy of the human mind 1830
Hill, Mark Langdon Fellow citizens of the state of Maine, the Missouri question having excited unusual interest ... induces me ... to assign the reasons for the vote I gave on that occasion 1820
Hillhouse, Augustus Lucas An essay on the history and cultivation of the European olive tree 1820
Hillhouse, James Propositions for Amending the Constitution of the United States; submitted by Mr. Hillhouse to the Senate on the Twelfth Day of April, 1808 with his explanatory remarks 1808
Hillhouse, James Abraham An oration, pronounced at New Haven: by request of the Common Council, August 19, 1834 in Commemoration of the Life and Services of General Lafayette 1834
Hoare, Sir Richard Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily tending to illustrate some districts which have not been described by Mr. Eustace in his classical tour 1819
Hobbes, Thomas Moral and Political Works  
Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan, or, the Matter, Form, and Power of a Common wealth 1651
Hoffman, David A lecture being the second of a series of lectures, introductory to a course of lectures now 1825
Hoffman, David A Course of Legal Study, Addressed to the Students of the Law in the United States  
Hollinshead, Benjamin M. unknown [religious tract]  
Holyoke, Edward Augustus Dr. Holyoke’s Book on Morals  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Phocion's Conversion or the Relation between Morality and Politics  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Principles des negotiations par I'Abbe de Mably  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Principles de morale  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Les Principles des legislation  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Sur les Grecs  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Sur la Pologne  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Sur les Romains  
Home, Henry (Lord Kames) Two Dialogues converging the manner of Writing History  
Home, Robert Select Views on Mysore, the Country of Tippoo Sultan 1794
Hopkins, George F. Observations on electricity, looming, and sounds: together with a theory of thunder showers 1825
Hosack, David An inaugural discourse, delivered before New-York Horicultural Society 1824
Hosack, David The American Medical and Philosophical Register: or, Annals of Medicine, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts 1810
Hume, David History of England 1762
Hume, David Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary  
Hume, David An inquiry concerning Human Understanding  
Hume, David Treatise of Human Nature  
Hume, David Life of David [King David or David Hume ?] pre-1801
Hume, Hugh A serious exhortation to the electors of Great Britain: wherein the importance of the approaching elections is particularly proved from our present situation both at home and abroad 1740
Humphrey, Hosea unknown [small volume] 1815
Hunt, Gilbert J. Proposals for publishing by subscription, The history of America 1821
Hunter, Henry Sacred Biography or the History of Jesus Christ. Being a course of lectures delivered at the Scots Church, London Wall  
Hunter, John Dunn [Title Not Given]  
Hunter, William Observations on, with an accurately engraved Copper-plate Representation of the bones, commonly supposed to be Elephants Bones, which have been found near the River Ohio in America 1783
Hurd, Richard Epistola ad Augustum [Horace]  
Hutton, Joseph The Sarnac, A Song of Plattsburgh  
Ignatius, Saint Epistles 1607
Ingenhouse, Jan Exper d'Ingenhouse  
Ingersoll, Charles Jared View of the Committee Powers of Congress 1835
Ingersoll, Charles Jared Communication on the improvement of government read before the American Philosophical Society, at a Meeting attended by General Lafayette, Oct. 1st 1824 1824
Ingersoll, Charles Jared A View of River Rights. 1835
Ingersoll, Charles Jared Discourse before the Penn Society, October 24, 1825 1825
Ingersoll, Charles Jared A view of the rights and wrongs, power and policy, of the United States of America [Pamphlet on U.S. Foreign Relations]  
Ingersoll, Charles Jared A discourse concerning the influence of America on the mind  
Ingersoll, Joseph Reed Annual discourse before the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania Pronounced on the 25th July, 1827 1827
Jackson, Andrew Message from the president of the United States to both houses of Congress 1830
Jackson, William Eulogium on the Character of Gen'l Washington late President of the United States, pronounced before the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati on the 22nd Day of February, 1800 at the German Reformed Church, in the City of Philadelphia 1800
Jacob, William Tracts relating to the Corn Trade and Corn Laws  
Jay, John An Address to the People of the State of New York 1788
Jefferson, Thomas Notes on the State of Virginia 1794
Jefferson, Thomas Mr. Jefferson's letters on the subject of convention 1829
Jefferson, Thomas Notes on the State of Virginia 1782
Jefferys, Thomas Study of Geography Improved  
Jenner, Edward [publication re: Vaccination of the President] 1806
Jennings, Samuel Kennedy A plain elementary explanation of the nature and cure of disease, predicated on facts and experience 1814
Jenyns, Soame Enquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil  
Jerome, Saint Writings of Saint Gerome 1693-1706
Johnson, Benjamin Bartholomew Fayre, A Comedy Acted in the Year 1614 1669
Johnson, Samuel The Poetical Works of Samuel Johnson 1805
Johnson, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary pre-1801
Joy, George Dispute with America, considered in a series of letters from a cosmopolitan to a clergyman 1812
Kelsall, Charles Phantasm of an University: with Prolegomena 1814
Kempis, Thomas A. Christian's pattern: or, a Treatise of the Imitation of Jesus Christ pre-1801
Kennedy, John Pendleton Swallow Barn; or, A Sojourn in the Old Dominion 1832
Kennedy, John Pendleton Discourse on the life and character of William Wirt : late attorney general of the United States; pronounced at the request of the Baltimore bar before the Citizens of Baltimore 1834
Kennedy, Joseph Pulaski To the citizens of Jackson County 1815
Kennedy, Philip Pendleton [Pamphlet on Nullification] 1830
Kidd, James An Essay on the Doctrine of the Trinity, Attempting to Prove by Reason and Demonstration founded upon Duration and Space 1815
King, Peter Enquiry into the Constitution, Discipline, Unity, and Worship of the Primitive Church That Flourished Within The First Three Hundred Years After Christ  
King, William Essay on the Origin of Evil  
Knight, Charles A Windsor guide, "containing a description of the town and castle; the present state of the paintings and curiosities in the royal apartments; an account of the monuments, painted windows, &c. in St. George's Chapel; : with the foundation of the Royal College of St. George, and of the Order of the Garter. : Also, a description of the lodges, parks, and forest: to which is added, a brief account of Eton 1811
Lamb, Charles Tales from Shakespeare 1833
Langdon, Elam Potter Twelfth annual report of the condition of the common schools, to the City Council of Cincinnati. Rendered June 2 [i.e., June 29], 1841. By the Board of Trustees and Visitors: Accompanied by the report of the Board of Examiners and Inspectors, and the subsequent proceedings of the council 1841
Law, Thomas Report of the proceedings of the committee appointed at a meeting held at the city of Washington, on the second of April, 1824, to present a memorial to Congress, praying for the establishment of a national currency 1824
Law, Thomas An address delivered before the Columbian Institute, December 17, 1825 by Thomas Law 1825
Law, Thomas An address to the Columbian Institute, on the question: "what ought to be the circulating medium of a nation?” 1830
Law, Thomas Homo's letters on a national currency, addressed to the people of the United States 1825
Law, Thomas Remarks on the report of the secretary of the Treasury, in obedience to a resolution of the House of Representatives of 1st March 1819 1820
Law, Thomas Thoughts on the moral system. 1833
Law, Thomas Notes  
Law, Thomas Imaginary Speeches to the Indians 1804
Lawrence, William Beach The origin and nature of the representative and federal institutions of the United States 1832
Lawrence, William Beach Historical Discourse 1832
Lawson, John Lawson’s History of North Carolina: Containing the exact description and natural history of that country, together with the state thereof and...account of their customs, manners, etc  
Leclerc, Georges-Louis, Comte de Buffon Historire Naturelle des Mineraux  
Lee, Henry, III A funeral oration [in honor of the memory of George Washington; prepared at the request of Congress, to be delivered before both Houses on Thursday the 26th 1800
Lee, Major Henry, IV An exposition of evidence in support of the memorial to Congress, "setting forth the evils of existing tariff of duties, and asking such a modification of the same, as shall be consistent with the purposes of revenue, and equal in its operation on the different parts of the United States, and on the various interests of the same 1834
Lee, Richard Henry Life of Arthur Lee, LL. D.: Joint Commissioner Of The United States To The Court Of France, And Sole Commissioner To The Courts Of Spain And Prussia 1829
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm Essays in Theodicy on the Goodness of God, the Liberty of Man, and the Origin of Evil  
Lemprière, John Bibliotheca Classica or Classical Dictionary Containing Tables of Coins Weights and Measures  
Lennox Charles A letter addressed to the corps of Ulster Volunteers, Aug. 15, 1783, on the subject of parliamentary reform 1783
Lennox Charles Debate on the Duke of Richmond’s Motion for an Enquiry into the State of the Nation 1806
Lescallier, Baron Daniel The Enchanted Throne, an Indian Story Translated from the Persian Language 1817
Linn, William The blessings of America. A sermon, preached in the Middle Dutch church, on July 4, 1791 being the anniversary of the independence of America 1791
Linnaeus, Carl Caroli Linnaei Oratio de Necessitate Peregrinationum intra Patriam 1743
List, Frederick Reports on the improvement of the Little Schuylkill 1829
List, Frederick Outlines of American political economy, in a series of letters addressed by F. List 1827
Livingston, Edward Speech of Edward Livingston in the Senate of the United States, February 1831 on the Turkish mission: in answer to Mr. Tazewell of Virginia 1831
Livingston, Edward Speech of Mr. Livingston, of Louisiana, on Mr. Foot's resolution, proposing an inquiry into the expediency of abolishing the office of surveyor general of public lands, and for discontinuing further surveys, &c. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 29, 1830 1830
Livingston, Edward A sililoquy… 1791
Livingston, Edward Report to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana on the subject of a penal Code 1822
Livingston, Edward Speech of Edward Livingston [on an unknown subject] 1830
Lizars, John A system of anatomical plates: accompanied with descriptions, and physiological, pathological and surgical observations 1822-26
Lloyd, David The Statesmen, and Favourites of England since the Reformation 1665
Locke, John An Essay Concerning Human Understanding  
Locke, John Treatises on Government  
Locke, John [title not given on list]  
Lofft, Capel Remarks on the letter of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke: concerning the revolution in France 1791
Logan, George Agricultural experiments on gypsom or plaister of Paris: with some observations on tbe Fertilizing Quality, and Natural History of that Fossil 1797
Logan, George Letters, addressed to the yeomanry of the United States 1797
Lolme, Jean-Louis de The British Empire in Europe 1787
Lolme, Jean-Louis de The History of the Flagellants otherwise, or Religious Flegellations among different Nations 1788
Longacre, James Barton National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans 1834
Louis XV of France The authentic proceedings of the French King and his parlament against the Jesuits of France 1761
Louisiana Legislature To His Excellency the governor of the state of Louisiana and commander in chief of the militia 1814
Louisiana Legislature Resolution passed by the General Assembly of Louisiana, Feb. 1st 1815. 1815
Lovell, James Propagation of truth or "Tyranny anatomized" in four letters to the president of the U. States 1808
Mably, Gabriel Bonnet de De la législation, ou Principes des lois  
Mably, Gabriel Bonnet de Observations sur les Grecs  
Mably, Gabriel Bonnet de Oeuvres Politiques et M. de Mably 1777
MacNeven, William James Exposition of the atomic theory of chymistry; and the doctrine of definite proportions 1819
MacPherson, James A short history of the opposition during the last session of Parliament. 1779
Macquer, Philippe Annales romaines. ou abrégé chronologique de l'histoire romaine  
Macquer, Philippe Abrégé chronologique de l’histoire d’Espagne et le Portugal  
Madison, James An examination of the British doctrine which subjects to capture a neutral Trade, not open in a time of peace 1808
Madison, James The Resolutions of Virginia and Kentucky 1826
Madison, James An Examination of the British doctrine which subjects to capture a Neutral Trade, not open in Time of Peace.  
Madison, James Letter of James Madison to Edward Everett, published in the North American Review, October 1830  
Madison, James The Federalist on the Constitution 1818
Madison, James Federalist 1831
Magaw, Samuel A discourse delivered July 17, 1794 in the African Church of the city of Philadelphia on the occasion of opening the said church and holding public worship in it the first time 179[?]
Main, Thomas Directions for the transplant and management of young thorn or other hedge plants preparative to their being set in hedges 1807
Mairobert, Mathieu-Francois Pidansat L'Espion Anglois ou Correspondance Secrete Entre Mylord All'Eye et Mylord All'Ear  
Malthus, Thomas An Essay on the Principle of Population 1817
Marcellinus, Ammianus [title not given on list] n.d.
Mariana, Juan de History of Spain  
Marlborough, James Ley Fair Warnings to a Careless World pre-1801
Marmontel, Jean-François Les Incas, ou la Destruction de l'Empire du Perou [The Incas, or the Destruction of the Peruvian Empire] 1777
Marquis de Barbe Marbois, Francois Complot D'Arnold et Sir Henry Clinton contre les Etats Unis D' Amerique 1816
Marryat, Frederick The Naval Annual or Stories of the Sea, for 1836 1836
Marshall, Elihu F. A Spelling Book of the English Language; or The American Tutor's Assistant: Intended Particularly for the Use of "Common Schools." The Pronunciation being Adapted to the Much Approved Principles of J. Walker 1820
Marshall, John A brief sketch of the occurrences on board the brig Crawford on her voyage from Matanzas to New-York. together with an account of the trial the three Spaniards, Jose Hilario Casares, Felix Barbeito, and Jose Morando, in the Circuit Court of Richmond before Chief Justice Marshall, for piracy and murder committed on board said brig : with other circumstances calculated to illustrate those transactions 1827
Marshall, Thomas The speech of Thomas Marshall, in the House of Delegates of Virginia, on the abolition of slavery / delivered by Thomas Marshall on Friday, January 20, 1832 1832
Marshall, Thomas The speech of Thomas Marshall (of Fauquier):in the House of Delegates of Virginia, on the policy of the state in relation to her colored population : delivered Saturday, January 14, 1832 1832
Marshall, Walter Gospel Mystery of Sanctification pre-1801
Marshman, Joshua Clavis Sinica: Elements of Chinese Grammar: With a Preliminary Dissertation on the Characters and the Colloquial Medium of the Chinese, and an Appendix Containing the Ta-Hyoh of Confucius with a Translation 1814
Mason, George, IV Private citizen begs leave humbly to submit the following queries to the consideration of the General Assembly now sitting 1789
Mastricht, Peter Van A treatise on regeneration by Peter van Mastricht; Extracted from his system of theology 1769
Mazzei, Dr. Philip Recherches historiques et politiques sur les Etats-Unis de l'Amerique septentrionale  
McKenny, Thomas L. [unnamed pamphlet] 1821
McLeod, Alexander A Scriptural view of the character, causes, and ends of the present war 1815
McMahon, Bernard American Gardener’s Calendar 1804
Medford, Macall Oil without vinegar, and dignity without pride; or, British, American, and West-India Interests Considered 1807
Melish, John Views on political economy, from The description of the United States 1822
Melish, John A catalogue of maps and geographical works, published and for sale 1822
Melish, John Geographical Description of the United States  
Mercier, Louis-Sebastien Tableau De Paris  
Millar, John Origin of the Distinction of Ranks in Society 1779
Miller, Samuel Letters on Unitarianism Addressed to the Members of the First Presbyterian Church, in the city of Baltimore 1821
Millot, Abbe Harangues d'Eschine et de Demonsthen sur la Couronne 1764
Millot, Claude Francois Xavier History Ancienne  
Millot, Claude Francois Xavier History Moderne  
Millot, Claude Francois Xavier Histoire de France  
Minto, Walter Researches into some of the Theory of the Planets, in which is solved the Problem, to determine the circular Orbit of a Planet 1783
Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Aux Bataves, Sur le Stathouderat  
Mirabeau, Honore Gabriel Histoire secrete de la cour de Berlin  
Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin The Works of Moliere 1822
Molière, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Oeuvres de Moliere 1768
Molyneux, William The case of Ireland's being bound by acts of Parliament in England, Stated 1776
Monroe, James Message of the President to Both Houses of Congress, 1817 1817
Monroe, James Message of the President to Both Houses of Congress, 1822 1822
Monroe, James View of the Conduct of the Executive In Foreign Affairs of the United States Connected with the Mission to the French Republic, During the Years 1794, 5, & 6 1797
Montesquieu The Spirit of Laws  
Montfaucon, Bernard de St. Athanasius 1698
Moore, Thomas Gaine's New-York pocket almanack for the year 1789 1788
Moore, Thomas The Great Error of American Agriculture Exposed and hints for improvement suggested by Thomas Moore 1801
More, Sir Thomas The Commonwealth of Utopia 1753
More, Sir Thomas De Optimo Reipublicae Statu, deque nova Insula Utopia 1750
Morgan, J. Complete History of the Present State of the War in Africa, between the Spaniards and Algerines : giving a full and exact account of Oran and Al-Marsa 1732
Morris, Gouverneur [Morris US accounts]  
Morris, Gouverneur [Pamphlet on the repeal of the law of PA in regards to the Bank] 178?
Morris, James Pemberton Address delivered before the Agricultural Society of Bucks County,28th April, 1823 1823
Morse, Jedidiah Geography Made Easy, Being an Abridgement of the American Universal Geography 1822
Morse, Jedidiah A new system of geography : ancient and modern : for the use of schools : accompanied with an atlas adapted to the work 1823
Morse, Jedidiah Constitution of a Society for the Benefit of the Indians 1822
Morse, Sidney Edwards The New System of Modern Geography, Or a View of the Present State of the World 1822
Mosheim, Johann Lorenz Mosheim’s Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern; in which the Rise, Progress, and Variation of Church Power are considered in their connection with the state of Learning and Philosophy, and the Political History of Europe during that period  
Necker, Jacques De l'importance des opinions religieuses [listed as Neckar on Religion]  
Necker, Jacques Collection des pieces pour et contr. Neckar  
Necker, Jacques State of the Finances of France, Laid before the King  
Necker, Jacques De l'administration des finances de la  
Necker, Jacques Reflection on the Calamities of War and Superior Policy of Peace  
Nepos, Cornelius Specifc work not cited  
Neuhoff, Theodore (Baron de) New description, geographical and historical, of the island of Corsica 1739
Newton, Sir Isaac Works on Religious Subjects  
Nicholas, George W. A Letter from George Nicholas, of Kentucky, to His Friend, in Virginia. Justifying the Conduct of the Citizens of Kentucky, as to Some of the Late Measures of the Central Government; and Correcting Certain False Statements, Which Have Been Made in the Different States, of the Views and Actions of the People of Kentucky 1798
Nicholas, John Address delivered before the Ontario Agricultural Society at its first annual meeting, October 13, 1819 1819
Nihell, Elizabeth A Treatise on the Art of Midwifery pre-1801
North American Review Remarks on the public lands, and on the right of a state to nullify an act of Congress 1830
O’Meara, Barry Edward Napoleon in Exile: or A Voice from St. Helena 1822
O'Connor, John Michael Treatise on the Science of War and Fortification 1824
Origen, Adamantius Origin  
Orosius, Paulus Historarum Adveversum Paganos Libri VII  
Orton, Job Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Late Reverend Phillip Doddridge pre-1801
Osterwald, Jean Frederic Arguments on the books and chapters of the Old Testament pre-1801
Otis, George Alexander Translation of Botta’s History of the War of the Independence of the United States of America 1820
Pacianus Works of Pacianus 1538
Paine, Thomas Dissertation on first principles of government 1795
Paine, Thomas Letter addressed to the Abbe Raynal on the affairs of North-America: In which the Mistakes in the Abbe's Account of the Revolution of America Are Corrected and Cleared Up 1782
Paine, Thomas The Age of Reason pre-1801
Paine, Thomas Agrarian Justice 1797
Paley, William Works  
Palladio, Andrea The Architecture of A. Palladio in Four Books 1721
Panckoucke, Charles Joseph Encyclopedia Methodique 1782-[?]
Panckoucke, Charles Joseph Encyclopedia Methodique  
Papin, Denis Papin's Steam Engine  
Parker, Richard The Two Charters Granted by King Charels II to the Proprietors of the Carolinas: with the first and last fundamental constitutions of that colony  
Pascal, Blaise Lettres Pensees  
Pascal, Blaise Letters Provinciales [Provincial Letters]  
Patrick, Simon A Commentary Upon the Historical Books of the Old Testament pre-1801
Paulding, James Kirke The United States and England: being a reply to the criticism on Inchiquin's letters Contained in the Quarterly Review for January, 1814 1815
Paulding, James Kirke Letter on the Use and Abuse of Incorporations, Addressed to the Delegation from the City of New-York in the State Legislature 1827
Paulinus of Milan Life of Saint Abrose 1600
Paulmy, Rene-Louis de Voyer de Essais ou loisirs d'un ministre d'état 1787
Peabody, William Address, delivered at Springfield, before the Hampden colonization society, July 4th, 1828 1828
Peale, Charles Willson Introduction to a Course of Lectures on Natural History 1800
Peale, Charles Willson Discourse Introductory to a Course of Lectures on the Science of Nature 1800
Pearson, John On the Creed  
Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle, Thomas The Duke of Newcastle's letter, by his Majestys's order to Monsieur Michell, the King of Prussia 1753
Penn, William Works  
Pennsylvania General Assesmbly Debates and proceedings of the General assembly of Pennsylvania, on the memorials praying a repeal or suspension of the law annulling the charter of the bank 1786
Peters, Richard, Jr. A discourse on agriculture. It's antiquity; and importance, to every member of the community: the obligations all are under to encourage it; -and the necessity of diffusing a knowledge of its principles, and systematical practice as the first step towards its advancement. Delivered before the Philadelphia Society for promoting agriculture at their request, on their annual meeting, the 9th of January, 1816 1816
Peters, Richard, Jr. Communications on the Tunis Sheep  
Peters, Richard, Jr. [Title Unknown] 1825
Peters, Richard, Jr. Notices for a Young Farmer, Particularly One on Worn Lands; being some rudiments for an epitome of good husbandry; and subjects promotive of its prosperity 1818
Peyssonnel, Jean Andre Specific work not cited  
Pfeffel, Christian Frederick Nouvel Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire et du droit public d'Allemagne  
Philidor, Francois-Andre Danican Analyse du jeu des Échecs  
Philo Philonis Judaei Opera Quae Reperiri Potuerunt Omnia 1742
Pickering, Timothy A review of the Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams, late president of the United States and the Late William Cunningham, Esq. Beginning in 1803 and Ending in 1812 1824
Pickering, Timothy For improving our Native Breed of Cattle 1823
Pierrugues, Chevalier Mémoire explicatif des projets d'alignement et d'embellissement : proposés pour la ville de Bordeaux on exécution de la loi du 11 Septembre, 1807, avec quelques vues générales sur l'art de batir les villes [book about land survey] 1815
Pinckney, Charles Observations to Shew the Propriety of the Nomination of Colonel James Monroe, to the Presidency of the United States by the Caucus at Washington 1816
Pinckney, Charles Pinckney’s Essays 1800
Pinckney, Charles Observations on the plan of government submitted to the Federal convention in Philadelphia on the 28th of May 1787 / by Mr. Charles Pinckney, delegate from the state of South-Carolina ; delivered at different times in the course of their discussions 1787
Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth Speeches of Charles Pinckney in Congress: on the subject of having impartial juries by lot in all the federal courts; on the independence of the judges in the same courts; on the exclusive right of the state legislatures, and under their direction of the people, to the election of the President and Vice-President of the United States; on the defined privileges of Congress, and the liberty of the press, and on the Intercourse bill with France. 1800
Pinckney, Henry Laurens Oration, delivered in St. Michael's church, before an assemblage of the inhabitants of Charleston, South-Carolina; on the fourth of July, 1818 in commemoration of American independence, by appointment of the '76 Association, and published at the request of that Society 1818
Pitman, John, Jr. An oration, delivered on the centennial anniversary of the birth of Washington, February 22, 1832 1832
Plato The Republic  
Pliny Pliny's Epistles  
Plumer, William Message of the New Hampshire Governor (Plummer) 1819
Plumer, William June 2nd Address to the New Hampshire Legislature 1819
Plumer, William, Jr. [Agricultural Address] 1821
Plutarch Lives  
Poinsett, Joel Roberts Notes on Mexico, made in the autumn of 1822. Accompanied by an historical sketch of the revolution, and translations of official reports on the present state of that country. By J. R. Poinsett, esq 1824
Poinsett, Joel Roberts Discourse, on the objects and importance of the National Institution for the promotion of science 1841
Pollux, Julius Pollucis Onomasticon  
Polybius General History  
Pomet, Pierre A Complete History of Drugs 1712
Porter, David Journal of a Cruise made to the Pacific Ocean, by Captain David Porter, in the United States Frigate ESSEX, in the years 1812, 1813, and 1814. Containing Descriptions of the Cape de Verd Islands, Coasts of Brazil, Patagonia, Chili, and Peru, and of the Gallapagos Islands 1815
Potter, John Archaeological Graeca: or, The Antiquities of Greece  
Potter, John Clemens Alexandrinus 1715
Power, Alexander Copy of a petition with some observations and a statement of facts, relative to the claim of the officers of the artillery artificers under the command of the late Colonel Benjamin Flower 1790
Pownall, Thomas Administration of the Colonies  
Pownall, Thomas A memorial addressed to the sovereigns of America 1783
Price, Richard Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the principles of government, and the justice and and policy of the war with America. To which is added an appendix, containing a state of the national debt, an estimate of the money drawn from the public by the taxes, and an account of the national income and expenditure since the last war 1776
Price, Richard On Morals  
Price, Richard [A sermon preached before the Revolution Society of London]  
Priestly, Joseph Heads of Lectures on a Course of Experimental Philosophy particularly including Chemistry Delivered at the New College in Hackney 1794
Priestly, Joseph Controversies  
Priestly, Joseph An Essay on the First Principles of Government, and on Nature of Political, Civil, and Religious Liberty 1768
Pufendorf, Samuel On the Duty of Man and Citizen pre-1801
Pufendorf, Samuel Law of Nature and Nations  
Pulteney, Sir William Thoughts on the present state of affairs with America and the means of conciliation 1778
Pyle, Thomas Pyles Paraphrase 2 vol pre-1801
Pyle, Thomas Scriptural Preservative….Being a paraphrase with notes on the Revelation of St. John pre-1801
Quesnel, Pasquier Leo the Great 1700
Quincy, John Being the Aphorisms of Sanctorius pre-1801
Quincy, John Quiney's Dispensitary pre-1801
Raleigh, Sir Walter The History of the World  
Ralph, James A Critical History of the Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, now Earl of Orford 1743
Ramsay, David The History of the American Revolution  
Ramsay, David Dissertation on the manner of acquiring the character & privileges of a citizen of the United States 1789
Ramsay, David An address delivered on the fourth of July 1820, by appointment of the '76 Association 1820
Ramsay, David An Oration on the Death of Lieutenant-General George Washington 1800
Ramsay, Rev. James Ramsay's Account of Slavery in the West Indies  
Randolph of Roanoke, John Letters of John Randolph to a Young Relative 1834
Randolph, Mary Randolph The Virginia House-Wife 1825
Rapelje, George Narrative of Excursions, Voyages, and Travels: Performed at Different Periods in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa 1835
Rastell, William A Colleccion of Entrees of Declarations [Rastell’s Entries]  
Rawle, William An Address Delivered before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture: At Its Anniversary Meeting, January 19, 1819 1819
Ray, John Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation  
Raymond, Daniel The American System 1829
Rennie, Robert Essay on the natural history and origin of peat. Abridged from the Massachusetts Agricultural Journal VOL III JUNE, 1815. No 4  
Rey, Claudius The Weavers True Case, or, the Weaving of Printed Callicoes and Linnen destructive to the Woollen and Silk Manufactories 1719
Rhea, John John Rhea of Tennessee to his constituents 1813
Rhea, John Debate on the Spanish treaty, in the House of Representatives. 1820
Rhea, John John Rhea of Tennessee to his constituents. 1815
Rhea, John John Rhea of Tennessee to his constituents. 1821
Rhea, John John Rhea of Tennessee to his constituents 1810
Rhea, John John Rhea’s Circular Letter to his Constituents, dated 8 May 1820 1820
Rigby, Edward Framingham, its agriculture, &c.: including the economy of a small farm 1820
Rigby, Edward Holkham, its agriculture, &c. 1819
Rives, William Cabell [Speech in the Senate on unknown subject] 1832
Roane, Spencer [Essays published by Roane in the Richmond Enquirer] June 11, 15, 18, 22, 1819
Robbins, Asher Speech of the Hon. Asher Robbins, of R.I., in defence of the system for the protection of American Industry. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 2, 1832 1832
Robbins, Asher Speech of Mr. Robbins, of Rhode Island, in the Senate of the United States, May 20, 1830, on Mr. Foot’s Resolution respecting a survey of public lands 1830
Robertson, William History of the Discovery and Conquest of America 1835
Robinson, William Davis Cursory View of Spanish America particularly the neighbouring vice-royalties of Mexico and New-Grenada 1815
Robinson, William Davis Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution Including a Narrative of the Expedition of General Xavier Mina 1821
Rodney, Caesar Augustus Interrogatories 1807
Rogers, Thomas Jones Roger's Biographical Dictionary 1826
Rogers, Thomas Jones New American Biographical Dictionary; or, Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes & Statesmen of America 1823
Rogers, William Barton Report on the Geological Reconnoissance of the State of Virginia made under the appointment of the Board of public works 1836
Rollin, Charles The Roman History, from the Foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium 1768
Rollin, Charles The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians, and Grecians 1788
Romaine, Benjamin A comparative view and exhibition of reasons, opposed to the adoption of the new Constitution of the state of New-York 1822
Romaine, Benjamin State Sovereignty: and a certain dissolution of the Union 1832
Rose, Dr. Robert Henry [Robert Rose’s address delivered to the Susquehanna Agricultural Society  
Rose, Sir George Henry [Pamphlet on political economy]  
Rosenstein, Nicholas Rosen von The Diseases of Children and their remedies. Translated into English by A. Sparrman 1776
Rush, Benjamin Considerations on the injustice and impolicy on punishing murder by death. 1792
Rush, Richard To the Democratic Electors of the State of Pennsylvania, on the approaching election of governor 1817
Saccas, Ammonius Harmony of the Evangelists 1700
Saint Augustin [title not given on list] probably De Doctrina Christiana 1674-1700
Salmon, Thomas Nouvel Abrégé Chronologique de l'Histoire d'Angleterre  
Saurin, Jacques [title not given on list, probably, Sermons of ]  
Saussure, Horace-Bénédict de Voyages dans les Alpes  
Say, Jean-Baptiste Traite Ecomomie Politique 1814
Sayre, Stephen The case of Stephen Sayre. 1803
Schaeffer, Frederick Christian Address, pronounced at the laying of the corner stone of St. Matthew's church, New York October 22, 1821; with the ceremonial on the occasion 1821
Scholasticus, Socrates Ecclestical History of Socrates Scholasticus  
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe A Memoir on the Geological Position of a fossil tree, discovered in the secondary rocks of the river Des Plaines 1822
Scott, Sir Walter The Talisman 1824
Scott, Sir Walter Peveril of the Peak [Scott’s Latest Novel as of April 1823]  
Scougal, Henry Life of God in the Soul of Man pre-1801
Sergeant, John An oration delivered in Independence Square, in the city of Philadelphia, on July 4, 1826 1826
Sewall, Dr. Thomas A Lecture delivered at the Opening of the Medical Department of the Columbian College, in the District of Columbia ; March 30, 1825 1825
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man engraved by Wm Bromley ?
Shakespeare, William Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a tragedy: as it is now acted by His Majesty's Servants 1750
Shaler, William Sketches of Algiers, Political, Historical, and Civil, containing an account of the geography, population, government, revenues, commerce…and recent political history of that country 1826
Sharp, Samuel Critical Inquiry on the Present State of Surgery pre-1801
Shecut, John Linnaeus Edward Whitridge An essay on the prevailing, or yellow-fever, of 1817; together with preliminary observations, and an enquiry into the causes which produced it; also, a brief view of the effect[s] of certain poisons on the animal economy, compared with those of the specific gaseous poison of the yellow-fever 1817
Sherburne, John Henry The Life and Character of the Chevalier John Paul Jones, a Captain in the United States Navy, During the Revolutionary War 1825
Sherlock, Thomas Bishop Sherlock's Sermons  
Sigourney, Lydia Howard Huntley Traits of the Aborigines in America. A Poem 1822
Silliman, Benjamin Journal of Travels in England, Holland, and Scotland, and of two passages over the Atlantic in the years `805 and 1806 1820
Silliman, Benjamin American Journal of Science, More Especially of Mineralogy, Geology, and the other Branches of Natural History 1818
Sinclair, Sir John, 1st Baronet Address to the landed interest, on the corn bill now depending in Parliament 1791
Sinclair, Sir John, 1st Baronet [pamphlet on British Economy]  
Smith, John The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith 1819
Smith, Samuel Harrison Oration pronounced by Samuel H. Smith, Esquire, in the city of Washington, on Monday, the fifth of July, 1813 1813
Smith, Samuel Harrison Memoir of the life, character, and writings of Thomas Jefferson: Delivered in the Capitol, before the Columbian Institute, on the sixth of January, 1827, and published at their request 1827
Smith, Samuel Stanhope The divine goodness to the United States of America: A discourse, on the subjects of national gratitude, delivered in the Third Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, on Thursday the 19th of February, 1795, recommended by the president of the United States, to be observed throughout the union as a day of general thanksgiving and prayer. : Published at the request of the committee of that church 1795
Smith, Samuel Stanhope A funeral sermon, on the death of the Hon. Richard Stockton, Esq. Princeton, March 2, 1781 1791
Solis y Rivadeneyra, Antonio de History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards  
Southard, Samuel Lewis Address delivered before the Newark Mechanics Association, July 5, 1830 1830
Southard, Samuel Lewis Centennial address by Samuel L. Southard. Delivered at Trenton, N.J. Feb. 22, 1832 1832
Southard, Samuel Lewis A discourse on the professional character and virtues of the late William Wirt 1834
Southard, Samuel Lewis Speech of Mr. Southard, on the motion of expunge from the Journal the resolution adopted by the Senate, March 28, 1834, declaring "That the President, in the late executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both 1835
Southey, Robert South American Affairs including the Expedition of Orsua and the Crimes of Aguirre & other Miscellaneous Writings 1821
Southwick, Solomon Address delivered by appointment, in the Episcopal Church, at the opening of the Apprentices’ Library, in the city of Albany, January 1, 1821 1824
Sozomen Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen: Comprising a history of the Church from AD 324 to AD 440  
Spafford, Horatio Gates, Sr. Spafford's Gazetteer of the State of New-York 1810
Spafford, Horatio Gates, Sr. Guide to Canals in New York  
Spafford, Horatio Gates, Sr. [Patent Law]  
Sparks, Jared A historical outline of the American Colonization Society, and remarks on the practicability of colonizing in Africa the free people of color from the United States 1824
Sparks, Jared The life of Gouverneur Morris, with selections from his correspondence and miscellaneous papers; detailing events in the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and in the political history of the United States 1832
Sprague, William Buell Letters from Europe, in 1828: First published in the New-York observer 1828
St. Cyril Works of Saint Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem 1720
St. Gregory of Nazianzus Opera omnia 1609
Stackhouse, Rev Thomas A New History of the Holy Bible, from the Beginning of the World to the establishment of Christianity with answers to most of the controverted questions, dissertations upon the most remarkable passages, and a connection of profane history all along, to which are added notes, explaining difficult texts, rectifying mis-translations, and reconciling seeming contradictions pre-1801
Staehlin, Jakob von Original Anecdotes of Peter the Great collected from the Conversation of Several Persons of Distinction at Petersburgh and Moscow by Mr. Staehlin, Member of the Imperial Academy at Petersburg 1788
Stanley, Thomas    
Stanyan, Abraham An Account of Switzerland written in in the Year 1714  
Stanyan, Abraham Dictionnaire geographique, historique et politique de la Suisse  
State of New York Report in the Senate, of the Committee appointed to enquire and make reports relative to the accounts of Daniel D. Tompkins with this state. March 9, 1820 1820
State of New York Proceedings of the convention of the State of New York, held at the capitol in Albany on the seventeenth and eighteenth days of September 1812 1812
State of New York The report of the Honorable S.M. Stilwell, chairman of a select committee... House of Assembly of the State of New-York, to inquire into the expediency of a total abolition of capital punishment. Submitted seventh March, 1832 1832
State of New York Report of the select committee on so much of the governor’s message as it relates to Imprisonment for Debt” Assembly Document 190. New York Assembly 1831
State of New York Act to abolish imprisonment for debt and to punish fraudulent debtors 1831
State of New York Rules of the Court of the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors: together with sundry other useful information 1818
State of Pennsylvania Act for the establishment of a college at Uniontown in the county of Fayette [Madison College] 1827
Stillingfleet, Edward Controversy with Locke  
Stith, William History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia  
Stone, William L. Letters on masonry and anti-masonry, addressed to the Hon. John Quincy Adams 1832
Strabo Geography  
Strickland, William Observations on the agriculture of the United States of America. 1801
Strickland, William Reports on Canals, Railways, Roads, and Other Subjects 1825
Stukeley, William Of the Gout 1740
Swedenborg, Emanuel The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord  
Tarascon, Lewis A. To the people of the United States on the propriety of establishing a wagon road, from the River Missouri to the River Columbia, of the Pacific ocean  
Taylor of Caroline, John Against Original Sin  
Taylor of Caroline, John A defence of the measures of the administration of Thomas Jefferson. By Curtius [Pseudon] 1804
Taylor of Caroline, John New Views of the Constitution of the United States 1823
Taylor of Caroline, John A Restrictive System..Tyranny Unmasked  
Taylor of Caroline, John Construction Construed and Constitutions Vindicated 1820
Taylor of Caroline, John A Case Decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, in February, 1793. In Which is Discussed the Question-’Whether a State Be Liable to be Sued by a Private Citizen of Another State? 1793
Taylor of Caroline, John Enquiry into Principles & Tendency of Certain Public Measures 1794
Temple, 1st Baronet, Sir William The Works of Sir William Temple, Jonathan Swift Comp. and Editor  
Terrasson, Jean Diodore de Sicile [Works of Diodorus Siculus] 1737
Terrasson, Jean Diodore de Sicile [Works of Diodorus Siculus] 1737
Thornton, Dr. William Short Account of the Origin of Steamboats 1814
Thornton, Robert John Companion to Dr. Thorton's Lectures on botany 1816
Ticknor, George Remarks on changes lately proposed or adopted, in Harvard university 1825
Ticknor, George [Memoir of Lafayette] 1825
Toland, John An Account of the Courts of Prussia and Hanover 1705
Torrey, Dr. Jesse Circular memorial to the legislatures and people of the United States ; proposing a set of class books for the use of schools, academies, and families 1830
Torrey, Dr. Jesse The herald of knowledge; or, an address to the citizens of the United States proposing a new system of national education 1822
Torrey, Dr. Jesse The Moral Instructor and Guide to Virtue: Being a Compendium of Moral Philosophy 1822
Torrey, Dr. Jesse The National Library and Advocate of Civil and Religious Liberty; or Universal Repository of Useful Knowledge 1833
Trumbull, John Descriptions of Four Paintings 1827
Tucker, George The life of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States  
Tucker, George Essays on Subjects of Taste, Morals, and National Policy, 1822
Tucker, George The life of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States 1836
Tucker, St. George A dissertation on slavery ; with a proposal for the gradual abolition of it in the State of Virginia 1796
Tucker, St. George Letter to a Member of Congress; Respecting the Alien and Sedition Laws 1799
Turgot, Jaques Lettres au contrôleur général (abbé Terray) sur le commerce de grains  
Turgot, Jaques Réflexions sur la formation et la distribution des richesses  
U.S. Government Act to regulate the clearance of armed merchant vessels, as amended. 1805
U.S. Government Fœderal Constitution: being the result of important deliberations of the Fœderal Convention, who completed their business on the 17th September 1787 1787
U.S. Government Constitution of the United States 1833
U.S. Government Laws of the United States. Being a supplement to the Congressional register 1790
United States Congress Journals of Congress  
United States Congress Journals of Congress  
United States Congress Report of the committee appointed on the 11th of March last, to inquire into the state the accounts (rendered and settled) of James Thomas, a deputy quarter master general of the United States 1816
United States Congress John Wilson against George Graham: February 27, 1827 1827
United States Congress Congressional history, first session, Fifteenth Congress 1818
United States Congress Conventions of a number of the states ..at the time of adopting the Constitution, 1789
United States Congress Congress of the United States, Monday, 24th August 1789 resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, two thirds of both 1789
United States Congress Bill for the relief of Alexander Scott 1829
United States Congress Report of the committee to inquire into the state of the accounts of James Thomas 1816
United States Congress Report of the Committee appointed to examine into the state of the Treasury Department 1794
United States Congress Debates on the Brtish treaty. 1808
United States Congress Report of the Committee on the memorial of the commissioners appointed under the act "For establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the government of the United States," and on so much of the president's speech as relates to the establishment of a national university: 21st December 1796, committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. : Published by order of the House of Representatives 1796
United States Congress Message from the President of the United States accompanying copies of two Acts of the Parliament of Great-Britain, passed on the 4th and 19th of July 1797, relative to carrying into execution the Treaty of amity, commerce and navigation, concluded between His Majesty and the United States of America; and regulating the trade to be carried on with the British possessions in India, by the ships of nations in amity with His Majesty 1798
United States Congress Report of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, relative to the sale of a part of the capital stock of the Bank of the United States, belonging to the United States, in pursuance of the Act "making provision for the payment of certain debts of the United States." 1797
United States Department of State Message from the President of the United States accompanying sundry papers relative to the affairs of the United States, with the French Republic 18 January 1799 1799
United States Department of State Messages from the President of the United States, accompanying a report of the Secretary of State, containing observations on some of the documents, communicated by the president, on the eighteenth instant. : 21st January, 1799 1799
United States Department of State Congress of the United States, In Senate, May 12th, 1794. On motion, ordered that the Memorial of Mr. Pinckney, the answer of Mr. Hammond, and the letter of the Secretary of State of the 1st of May to Mr. Hammond relative to the British instructions of 8th June last 1794
United States Department of State Congress of the United States, In Senate, May the 23, 1794: Ordered, that the message from the President of the United States of this day, with the communications referred to therein, together with the communications referred to in the message of the President of the United States of the 21st instant, be printed for the use of the Senate 1794
United States Department of State A message of the President of the United States to Congress relative to France and Great Briain 1793
United States Department of State Papers relative to Great-Britain 1793
United States Department of State Report on the transactions relating to the United States and France, since the last communications to Congress on that subject 1799
United States House of Representatives Address to the House of Representatives of the United States on Lord Grenville's Treaty 1796
United States Senate Mr. Benton, from the Select Committee to which was referred the proposition to inquire into the expediency of reducing the patronage of the executive government of the United States, made the following report 1826
United States Senate In Senate of the United States, April 28, 1828, Mr. Tazewell made the following report :the Committee on Foreign Relations, to whom were referred sundry petitions and memorials, and the resolutions of several legislatures of different states, in relation to the colonization of persons of colour 1828
University of Pennsylvania Four dissertations, on the reciprocal advantages of a perpetual union between Great Britain and her American colonies. Written for Mr. Sargent's prize-medal. To which by desire is prefixed, an eulogium, spoken on the delivery of the medal at the public commencement in the College of Philadelphia, May 20th, 1766 1766
University of Virginia Enactments by the rector and visitors of the University of Virginia, for constituting, governing & conducting that institution. For the use of the university 1827
Unknown [unknown title]  
Ure, Andrew The whole of the proceedings, duly authenticated in, the case of divorce of Andrew Ure, MD 1821
Van Buren, Martin Substance of Van Buren's observation on Foot's amendment to the rules of the Senate 1828
Van Buren, Martin Speech of Mr. Van Buren, of New York, delivered in the senate of the United States 1826
Van Dyke, Nicholas Speech of Mr. Van Dyke: on the amendment offered to a bill for the admission of Missouri into the Union prescribing the restriction of slavery as an irrevocable principle of the State Constitution. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, January 28, 1820 1820
Vattell, Emerich de The Law of Nations  
Vaux, Roberts Notices of the original, and successive efforts, to improve the discipline of the prison at Philadelphia 1826
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin Address, delivered before the American Academy of Fine Arts 1824
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin An anniversary discourse delivered before the New-York historical society, December 7, 1818 1818
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin A lecture, introductory to a course of scientific lectures before the Mechanics Institute of New York 1833
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin A lecture, introductory of the course of scientific lectures before the Mechanics’ Institute of the City of New York 1833
Verplanck, Gulian Crommelin The right moral influence and use of liberal studies: a discourse delivered after the annual commencement of Geneva College, August 7, 1833 1833
Verri, Alessandro Roman Nights: or, The Tomb of the Scipios 1825
Vertot, Rene-Aubert Histoire des des Revolutions de Portugal 1718
Vida, Bishop of Alba, Marco Girolamo Poems on Divine Subjects 1722
Vinnius, Arnold Arnoldi Vinni J. C. In Libros Imperialium Commentarius Academicus Forensis 1664
Virginia General Assembly The communications of several states, on the resolutions of the legislature of Virginia respecting the Alien and Sedition laws 1799
Virginia General Assembly Virginia Import Duties 1788
Voltaire Contes en Vers 1816
Wainwright, Revd. Jonathan Mayhew A Discourse on the Occasion of Forming the African Mission School Society, Delivered in Christ Church, in Hartford, Connecticut, on Sunday Evening, August 10, 1828 1828
Wallace , Robert Various Prospects of Mankind, Nature, and Providence  
Walpole, Horace Lord Orford’s Reminiscences 1818
Walpole, Horace [Posthumous work of Walpole]  
Walsh, Robert, Jr. [Title not given, probably “Appeal from the Judgment of Great Britain respecting the United States] 1819
Ward, Rev William View of the History, Literature, and Religion of the Hindoos 1820
Warden, David Bailie List of all American prize cases now pending before the imperial prize court at Paris. 1810
Washington, George Farewell Address of the Late President Washington 1821
Washington, George Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress Written during the War between the United Colonies and Great Britain, by his Excellency, George Washington 1795
Waterhouse, Benjamin Oratio inauguralis, quam in Academia Harvardiana, Cantabridi I Novanglorum 1829
Waterhouse, Benjamin A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, 2nd ed.
Late A Surgeon On Board An American Privateer, Who Was
Captured At Sea By The British, In May, Eighteen Hundred
And Thirteen
Waterhouse, Benjamin The Botanist. Being the botanical part of a course of lectures on Natural History delivered at the University of Cambridge. 1822
Waterhouse, Benjamin Cautions to Young Persons Concerning Health...Showing the Evil Tendency of the Use of Tobacco...with Observations on the Use of Ardent and Vinous Spirits
Waterhouse, Benjamin Oregon; or A Short History of a Long Journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Region of the Pactific by Land [Wyeth’s Oregon] 1833
Watson, Elkanah History of the rise, progress, and existing state of the Berkshire Agricultural Society 1819
Watson, Elkanah History of the Rise, Progress, and existing condition of the Western Canals in the State of New-York from September 1788 to the completion of the Middle Section of the Grand Canal in 1819”, together with the “Rise, Progress, and Existing State of Modern Agricultural Societies, on the Berkshire System from 1807 to the establishment of the Board of Agriculture in the State of New York, January 10, 1820 1820
Watson, Rt Rev Richard Christian Panoply: A Defense of the Bible & the Historic Christian Faith in a series of letters 1797
Watson, Rt Rev Richard Anecdotes of the life of Bishop Watson Bishop of Landaff 1818
Watterston, George Tabular Statistical Views of the Population, Commerce, Navigation, Public Land etc., of the United States 1828
Watts, Alaric Alexander Literary souvenir, Illustrated 1832
Webster, Daniel A discourse, delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1820. In commemoration of the first settlement of New England 1821
Webster, Daniel Discourse in commemoration of the lives and services of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson: Delivered in Faneuil Hall, Boston, August 2, 1826 1826
Webster, Daniel An address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of Bunker Hill Monument 1825
Webster, Daniel Webster’s Response to Senator Hayne 1830
Webster, Noah Following is a specimen of the lexicography of Webster's dictionary ... 1826
Webster, Noah Webster’s Dictionary  
Webster, Noah Sketches of American Policy 1784
Webster, Pelatiah Dissertation of the Political Union and Constitution of the Thirteen United States of North America 1783
Webster, Pelatiah Remarks on the Address of Sixteen Members of the Assembly of Pennsylvania, to their Constituents, dated September 29, 1787. With Some Strictures on their Objections to the Constitution Recommended by the late Federal Convention 1787
Webster, Pelatiah Dissertation on the Political Union and Constitution of the Thirteen United States of North America 1783
Wedgwood Catalogue of cameos, intaglios, medals, basereliefs, busts and small statues 1787
Weems, Mason Locke The Life of General Francis Marion, A Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolutionary War, against the British and Tories in South Carolina and Georgia 1818
Wesley, John Letter to the Reverned Mr. Law: occasioned by some of his late writings 1756
Wesley, John Apotheosis  
Wesley, John Primitive Physick, or An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases pre-1801
Wesley, John A letter to the Reverend Mr. Law: occasioned by some of his late writings 1756
Wesley, John On Original sin  
Wheaton, Henry An address, pronounced at the opening of the New-York Athenaeum, December 14, 1824 1824
Wheaton, Henry Consideration on the establishment of a uniform system of bankrupt laws throughout the United States 1815
Wheaton, Henry The Life of Mr. [William] Pinkney 1826
Wheaton, Henry Report of the Revisors of the Statute laws of N. York  
Wheaton, Henry An Anniversary Discourse delivered before the New-York Historical Society, December 1820 1821
Wheelock, John Sketches of the History of Dartmouth College and Moor’s Charity School, with a particular Account of Some Late Remarkable Proceedings of the Board of Trustees, From the Year 1779 to the Year 1815 1815
Whiston, William Theological Works  
Winthrop, John Journal of John Winthrop  
Wirt, William Sketch of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry 1817
Wirt, William A discourse on the lives and characters of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who both died on the Fourth of July, 1826 1826
Wirt, William An address delivered before the Peithessophian and Philoclean societies of Rutgers College Delivered and published at the request of the Peithessophian society 1830
Woodbury, Levi Speech of Mr. Woodbury, of N.H. on the judiciary bill. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 11, 1826 1826
Woodbury, Levi Speech of Mr. Woodbury, of New Hampshire, on Mr. Foot's resolution. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 23, 1830 1830
Woodward, Josiah The necessary duty of family prayer, and the deplorable condition of prayerless families Considered 1768
Workman, James Political Essays, relative to the War of the French Revolution 1801
Worthington, Hon. William Grafton Delaney, IV Governor Worthington's Speech, on the Maryland Test Act, 1824 1824
Wyndham, Henry Penruddocke Diary of the late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis 1809
Wythe, George Case upon the Statute for Distribution 1796
Wythe, George [Wythe’s Reports] Decisions of Cases 1795
  Medical Essays & Observations pre-1801
  Royal Kalendar: And Court And City Register For England Scotland Ireland & Colonies pre-1801
  Beadley's Gent. & Farmer's Guide pre-1801
  [title not given on list]  
  Clark's Paraphrase 2 vol pre-1801
  Epistle to the Corinthians 1788
  Oratio habita in capitolio Guilielmonpolitano in comitis universitatis Virgi 1783
  Recuil de Monumens des peres dans le tems apostoliques edit part le Cleve 1774
  St. Hilary 1730
  Pienes infamantes (Cretel)  
  Use and Abuse of ?  
  Specific work not cited  
  Code de l'Humanite, ou la Legislation universelle, naturelle, civil, et politique  
  Memoires des commissaires du roi et de ceux de Sa Majeste Brittanique  
  Le sage a la cour et le roi voiageur  
  Titi Livii Historia  
  L’Histoire universelle  
  True and Genuine Narrative of the Whole Affair relating to the ship Sussex as sent to the directors of the Honourable East India Company 1740
  Address delivered before the Massachussetts horticultural society on the celebration of their first anniversary, September 19, 1829 1829
  Correspondence, between the late Commodore Stephen Decatur and Commodore James Barron 1824
  Athenagoras 1706
  Several Orations of Demonstenes  
  Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt 1803
  Astrotheology or a demonstration of the being and attributes of God  
  Speech of Mr. Dickerson, of N.J. on the Distribution of Revenue, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 1, 1827 1827
  Oration, Delivered in the Capitol in the city of Washington on the Fourth of July, 1825 1825
  Dillon's Arithmetic pre-1801
  Summary Historical and Political of the first planting, progressive improvements, and present state of the British Settlement in North America  
  Ancient Physician's Legacy to his County, Being what he has collected Himself in forty - nine years 1733
  Ordonnance de la Marine, dumois, d'aout 1681 1747
  Two Americas, Great Britain and the Holy Alliance 1824
  Optatus 1700
  Physiocratie du Dupont [Physiocratie, a compendium of Quesnay's system] 1768
  Lettre à la Chambre du Commerce de Normandie , sur le “Mémoire” qu’elle a publié relativement au traité de commerce avec l’Angleterre 1788
  Sur le traite de commerce avec l'angleterre [Histoire abregee des finances de l'Angleterre] 1769
  Vie de Voltaire  
  Dykes Dictionary pre-1801
  Injustice and Impolicy of the slave trade, and of the slavery of the Africans 1791
  The Country Housewife's Family Companion pre-1801
  Vetus Graecia  
  Julian's Works  
  Petavius 1622
  The Banquet 1656
  Specific work not cited  
  Report of the Case of trespass & assault and battery: where-in John Evans was plaintiff 1810
  To the Congress of the United States, each honorable member individually. 1814
  Sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1777
  The Works Of Flavius Josephus edited by Whitson 1727
  The death of Ugolino: a tragedy 1830
  Observations leading to a fair examination of the system of government proposed by Proposed by the Late Convention; And to Several Essential and Necessary Alterations in it: In a number of letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican 1787
  [title not given on list] 1672
  [title not given on list]  
  Abrégé de l'histoire ecclésiastique  
  Élémens D'Histoire Naturelle et De Chimie  
  Election of the president in the House of Representatives: to the people of the United States 1824
  Oevures posthumes de Frederic II, roi de Prussi 1788
  Memoirs of the House of Brandenburg [on list as Memoires du Branderbuerg] 1748
  Alfred; or Peace with America, a tale 1816
  Speech of the Hon. William Gaston, in Support of the proposition of Mr. Stanford to expunge from the rules of the House of Representatives the “previous question” 1816
  Report on the public lands. 1831
  Bill for the establishment and support of common schools 1822
  Mr. Atwater from the Committee on Schools & School Lands made the following report: the Committee to Whom was Referred so Much of the Governor's Message as Relates to Common Schools and School Lands, have had These Subjects under Their Consideration, and Now Beg Further to Report 1822
  Report of the commissioners of common schools. 1822
  A bill to provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia of the United States 1795
  A bill to provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia of the United States 1795
  Observations on the justificative memorial of the Court of London 1781
  Observations upon the conduct and behaviour of a certain sect usually distinguished by the name of Methodists 1740
  History of Ancient Greece, it's colonies and conquests  
  Sketches of American Orators. By Anonymous 1816
  Table alphabétique du Moniteur universel / par Girardin des presses 1802
  Godfrey's Phyisical Traits pre-1801
  General View of the Manners, Customs, and Curiosities of the Nations Including a geographical description of the earth, the whole illustrated 1825
  Goodman's Discourse on the Nature of Sin pre-1801
  An application of some general political rules, to the present state of Great Britain, Ireland, and America 1766
  The State of the nation, the commencement of the year 1822. 1822
  Discourses by Green (4) pre-1801
  Oration, delivered at St. Michael's Church, Charleston, South Carolina; 1794
  Liturgy for the use of the Church at King's Chapel in Boston  
  Moses Unveiled  
  Laws of Hampden Sidney college. 1819
  Discourse on the prospects of letters and taste in Virginia pronounced before the Literary and Philosophical Society of Hampden-Sydney College at their anniversary, September 1827 1828
  The proceedings of the convention of delegates, from the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; the counties of Cheshire and Grafton, in the state of New Hamphshire and the county of Windham in the State of Vermont convened at Hartford in the State of Connecticut, December 15, 1814 1815
  The Englishman's Right: a dialogue between a barrister at law and a juryman: Plainly Setting Forth, I. the Antiquity, II. the Excellent Design 1771
  Instructive Rambles in London and the Adjacent Villages 1814
  De l'Espirit  
  Third annual report of the trustees of the High-School Society, of New-York 1827
  Duplicate record---to be deleted  
  The Peasant's Fate, a Rural Poem 1803
  L'Illiade d'Homere, Traduite de Grec. 1809
  Carnet d'un Voyageur, or Recueil de Notes Curieuses sur la Vie 1819
  Micrographia Resturata or The Copper Plates of Dr. Hooke’s Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope 1767
  Of the Laws of Ecclestical Polity  
  Hopkins on the 2nd Covenant pre-1801
  Importance & necessity of Christians considering Jesus Christ in the extent of his high & glorious character 1768
  Speech of Mr. H.L. Hopkins, of Powhatan County, on the expunging resolution 1825
  Specific Work Not Cited, however DPM's volumes  
  Chronologie de l'histoire universelle  
  Voyage de l"ambassade de la Campagnie des Indes, Orientales Hollandaises 1798
  Beauties of Chesterfield 1829
  Cotumes Anglo-Normands  
  A century sermon delivered in Hopkinton on Lord's Day, December 24, 1815 1825
  Hoyer on Cold Bathing pre-1801
  Dirge on the death of our illustrious 2d and 3d presidents hastily composed on Hearing That of the Latter 1826
  Documents and proceedings relating to the formation and progress of a Board in the City of New York, for the Emigration, Preservation, and Improvement of the aborigines of America 1829
  A vindication of the Bishop of Landaff's sermon from the gross misrepresentations and Abusive Reflections, Contained In Mr. William Livingston's Letters To his Lordship 1868
  Adversus omnes haereses 1702
  Isadorus Pelus 1638
  Speech of Mr. Johnston, of Louisiana, on the power of a state to annul the laws of the Union 1830
  Speech of the Hon. Josiah S. Johnston, of Louisiana: on the report of the Select Committee respecting the powers of the Vice President : delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 14, 1828 1828
  Iaesus (Jesus?)  
  A New and Full Method of Settling the Canonical Authority of the New Testament  
  Specific Work Not Cited [probably Corpus Juris Civilis]  
  Address in behalf of the Juvenile Library Company of the city of Richmond. 1823
  De la decadence des lettres et des moeurs  
  A letter of vindication to His Excellency Colonel Monroe, President of the United States 1824
  Oration delivered at the Columbian College, in the District of Columbia, July 4, 1823 1823
  Present State of the Cape of Good Hope  
  Opera Omnia 1748
  Histoire Biographique de la Chambre des Paris 1829
  Doctrine of the Moravians  
  A letter to the Honorable John Gaillard, on the rejection of Mr. Alexander Scott's Nomination during the last session of Congress 1816
  Operations in Surgery pre-1801
  Address delivered before the Jefferson County Agricultural Society, at the annual fair of 1824 1824
  De l'administration provinciale, et de la réforme de l'impôt  
  Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean  
  Histoire de la Nouvelle-France, contenant les navigations,decouvertes et habitations  
  Voyage de Monsier le Vaillant dans l'Interieur de L'Afrique en 1780-85 1790
  Course in Practical Chemistry 1746
  Arnobious Africanus 1651
  A plea for the Theological seminary at Princeton, New Jersey 1821
  The Genuine Works of St. Cyprian 1682
  French Poems 1778
  Book of French Poems  
  An introductory lecture delivered in the University of London, on Tuesday, November 4, 1828 1829
  Complete History of Animals and Minerals 1661
  An Essay for the Amendment of the Silver Coins  
  Plan for the gradual abolition of slavery in the United States, without Danger or Loss to the Citizens of the South 1825
  [title not given on list]  
  Observations on the Reflections of the Right Hon Edmund Burke on the Revolution in France 1791
  Catalogue of officers, system of education, and laws of Madison College, 1827
  [title not given on list]  
  On Morals  
  House of Delegates, bill no. 51: an act to provide for the public instruction of youth throughout this state and to promote the important interests of husbandry and agriculture 1823
  [Mason on the Fever] pre-1801
  Report: the committee of both houses, appointed to consider further amendments in the Constitution of the United States 1790
  Synopsis of debates, in the Massachusetts legislature 1814
  [Essays to do good]  
  Voyages en Suisse par Mayer  
  Three Lectures on the origin and properties of malaria or marsh miasma,: With the best means of preventing its formation and of obviating its effects on 1834
  Narrative of La Salle's Voyage Down the Mississippi  
  Luciani Opera 1743
  [Merum’s Abridgement] of Virginia Laws pre-1801
  Discours prononcé a la Chambre des députés / 1828
  [need title] 1795
  New description of Carolina by order of the lords proprietors  
  Ambulator [British Periodical] 1811
  Encyclopedia Britannica  
  American Traveler  
  Bibliot. Phys (Economic & f[inancia]l 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87  
  Columbian Magazine [periodical] 1789
  Brochures Politiques [political brochures]  
  Bible [ on list as "1 Testament" ] pre-1801
  Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure [Periodical] pre-1801
  Treaty of amity commerce and navigation between his Britannic Majesty & the United States 1795
  Treaty of amity commerce and navigation between his Britannic Majesty & the United States 1795
  Treaty of amity commerce and navigation between his Britannic Majesty & the United States 1795
  The Naturalist's journal 1767
  Observations upon the proposed plan of federal government: with an attempt to 1788
  Companion for the Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England pre-1801
  Notice of Mr. Adam's eulogium on the life and character of James Monroe 1832
  Address to the county agricultural societies, for 1820. With accompanying documents 1820
  Circular / University of the state of New-York College of Physicians and Surgeons 1811
  [title not given on list]  
  Debate on a motion for the abolition of the slave trade in the House of Commons on Monday and Tuesday, April 18 and 19, 1791, reported in detail 1791
  To be annexed to the report of the Secretary of War in relation to the preservation and civilization of Indian tribes within the United States  
  Council of Trent  
  Mémoire pour les capitaine et propriétaires du bâtiment américain la Persévérance, contre les capitaine et armateurs des corsaires l'Hébé, l'Aventurier le Vautour et l'Anacréon 1810
  Specific work not cited  
  Outlines of a plan, for establishing a state society of agriculture in Pennsylvania 1794
  Exercises de Botanique a l'usage Commencani 1801
  Ecclesiastical History of Philpstorgius  
  Philostratus's Life of Apollonius Tyanaeus 1709
  A vocabulary or collection of words and phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the United States of America 1815
  A New and Complete System of Arithmetic  
  The Expostulations of Potowmac 1789
  Guerre de [17]75-[17]85 Memoires sur la derniee guerre de lAmerique?  
  A trial, Calvin and Hopkins versus the Bible and common sense/ by a lover of the truth 1819
  New Miscellany of Original Poems by Prior, Pope, Huges, etc 1720
  Life and immortality brought to light through the gospel. The substance of two discourses, delivered in the north Dutch church, Albany; one before the Missionary Society, Sep 1, 1813 1815
  The Apologies of [ Saint ] Justin, Martyr 1742
  A complete investigation of Mr. Eden's treaty, as it may affect the commerce, the revenue, or the general policy of Great Britain 1787
  Monarchical Projects: Plan to Place a Bourbon King on the Throne of Buenos Ayres 1820
  Considerations on the measures carrying on with respect to the British colonies in North America 1774
  Historia de Espana por Mariana  
  Russell's Sermmons pre-1801
  [title not given on list]  
  Complete History of Germany  
  Lettres Sur L'Egypte  
  Opinion of the court, delivered at the meeting and sitting of the judges at Charleston at the conclusion of the spring circuits in the year 1811 ... on a motion for a new trial on behalf of Colonel Lehre, who ... had been convicted of publishing a libel ; with preliminary remarks by a member of the bar 1811
  Neutral rights, or, An impartial examination of the right of search of neutral vessels under convoy: and of a judgment pronounced by the English court of admiralty, the 11th June, 1799, in the case of the Swedish convoy : with some additions and corrections / by Mr. J.F.W. Schlegel ; translated from the French 1801
  An address, delivered at the first anniversary meeting of the United Agricultural Society of South Carolina, 6th December 1827 1828
  Politique de Tous les Cabinets de l'Europe Pendant les Regnes de Louis XV 1801
  Considerations sur des richesses et luxe  
  Letter on the naval depot to the Honorable Henry Clay, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States  
  The Poetical Works of William Shenstone  
  [Shorts History Mineral Water] pre-1801
  To the honourable the Senate and House of representatives of the United States 1817
  Compleat Housewife or Accomplish'd Gentlewoman's Companion pre-1801
  A sermon on the present situation of American affairs: Preached in Christ-Church, June 23, 1775. At the request of the officers of the Third Battalion of the city of Philadelphia and district of Southwark 1775
  Eulogium on Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D.: president of the American Philosophical Society 1792
  The History of the Province of New-York From Its Discovery to the Appointment of Governor Colden in 1762  
  Continuation of Hume's History of England  
  A letter from Alex. Smyth to Francis Preston 1795
  Speech of Mr. Smyth, on the restriction of slavery in Missouri. Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States, January 28, 1820 1820
  Governor’s message to the Senate & House of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1795
  Societé francaise de statistique universelle a Paris 1830
  Constitution of the Society for the Commemoration of the Landing of William Penn 1825
  Memoirs of the Life, Character, Sentiments, and Writings of Faustus Socinus  
  Bibliotheca Fratrum Polynorum  
  Histora de la conquista de Mexico 1765
  A guide to health; or, Advice to both sexes in nervous and consumptive complaints: with an essay on the scurvy, leprosy, and scrofula; also on a certain disease, seminal weakness, and a destructive habit of a private nature. To which is added, an address to parents, tutors & guardians of youth, with observations on the use and abuse of cold bathing 1800
  Description of the grand fete given at Washington Hall by the citizens of France to Gen LaFayette 1824
  Histoire des Troubles de Amérique Anglaise  
  Virginia Justice pre-1801
  Address delivered at the opening of the Columbian College in the District of Columbia, January 9, 1822; by the president, the Rev. William Staughton 1822
  An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Oeconomy  
  Speech of Mr. Stewart, (of Pennsylvania) on the Cumberland Road Bill: delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States, January 27, 1829 1829
  An oration, on the anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America 1801
  Works of Sulpicius Severus 1754
  An inquiry into the importance of the militia to a free commonwealth; In a Letter from William H. Sumner to John Adams, with His Answer 1823
  A case decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, in February, 1793 In which is discussed the question--"Whether a state be liable to be sued by a private citizen of another state?" 1793
  Specifc work not cited  
  An Historical Sketch...of the Life of Silas Talbot 1803
  To the President of the United States, the honorable the Vice President ...High respect and caution against the intrigues of your enemies! 1814
  Against the Gentiles 1700
  Jacob Wrestling with God, and Prevailing; or, a treatise concerning the necessity and efficacy of faith in prayer pre-1801
  A narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay; with an account of New South Wales 1789
  Apologeticus 1746
  Works of Gregory Thaumaturgus 1626
  Medulla medicinae universae; or, A new compendious dispensary pre-1801
  [title not given on list]  
  Apologia ad Autolycum 1742
  Elements of Natural Philosophy 1808
  The Seasons 1789
  Outlines of a Constitution for united North & South Columbia ... 1815
  History Universalle  
  An anniversary discourse, delivered before the Lyceum of Natural History of New-York 1820
  Letter from the secretary of the treasury, transmitting a statement of goods, wares and merchandize exported from the United States, during one year, prior to the first day of October, 1799 1799
  Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury transmitting estimates of appropriations required for the service of the fiscal year ending June 30  
  The ancient physician's legacy impartially surveyed ; with a discourse on quicksilver pre-1801
  Speech of Mr. Tyler, of Virginia, on the subject of Mr. Clay's resolutions 1832
  Speech of Mr.Tyler, of Virginia, on the bill to provide further for the collection of duties on imports; delivered in the Senate of the United States, Wednesday, February 6, 1833 1833
  Extracts from the Journals of Congress, relative to the capture and condemnation of prizes, and the fitting out privateers: together with the rules and regulations of the navy, and instructions to the commanders of private ships of war 1776
  Dissert: Merid, Sp. & Portugal  
  Documents in Relation to the Differences Which Subsisted between the late Commodore O.H. Perry and Captain J.D. Elliott 1821
  Considerations on the impropriety and inexpediency of renewing the Missouri question 1820
  Réceuil de pièces authentiques et intéressants………….. cardinal prince de Rohan  
  View of North America in its Former Happy and Present Belligerent State  
  [Anglo-] Saxon Chronicle  
  Paschal Letters  
  Journal de l'Empire 1812
  Benjamin King's Case 1833
  A description of the grand fete given at Washington Hall by the citizens of France, to Gen. Lafayette 1824
  El Ray 1807
  Greek Grammar  
  Constitutions of the several independent states of America 1786
  Post Chaise Companion or Travellers' Dictionary through Ireland 1786
  Dall’Almanac national de France de l’an dixième de la République française: 1799
  Collection of Pieces [probably a bound set of pamphlets]  
  Portfolio with One Hundred and Eighteen Portraits of Generals in the Revolutionary War  
  Letter to a member of Congress, respecting the Alien and Sedition laws 1799
  Código civil de Francia. 1803
  Public Meeting Respecting Slavery 1819
  Ornament of the American fireside / dedicated to the youth of the United States 1829
  A Probationary sketch for a bill to continue in force for the term of 25 years, the act, entitled "An act to incorporate the subscribers to the bank of the United States 1816
  American annual register, or, View of the history, politics, and literature of each year 1830
  National recorder. Vol III, no. 9, Philadelphia, February 26, 1820. 1820
  Ratifications of the new foederal Constitution, together with the amendments proposed by Several States 1788
  Bill for the preservation & civilization of the Indian tribes within the United States 1826
  The Pamphlet: containing a description of the grateful manner in which the whole population of the city of New-York ... received General La Fayette on the 16th August 1824, and the ... farewell on the memorable 14th July 1825 : together with a description of the national festival, given by the honourable the Corporation of the City of New-York, in commemoration of the glorious Fourth of July, 1776 1825
  Thoughts on the subject of naval power, and on the means of protecting commerce continued 1807
  Priestcraft unmasked, or, The Whore of Rome, alias Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth, that hath made all nations drunk with the wine of her fornication, stripped of her gay and facinating attire, and shown in her genuine form, which is that of a filthy painted harlot. 1829
  Course of examination and questions propounded in several schools of the University of Virginia at the late public examination 1828
  Address delivered in Havre-de-Grace, June 4, 1812 in consequence of a pamphlet set forth by a certain Nimrod Hughes, denouncing that day as the as the awful peri od of visitation to the inhabitants of this earth, by the
  Explanation and Instructions concerning the act, entitled,"An act repealing after the last day of June next, the duties heretofore laid upon distilled spirits imported from abroad, and laying others in their stead; and also upon spirits distilled within the United States; and for appropriating the same:" passed in the third session of Congress, on the 2d of March 1791 1791
  History of England Volume II early 18th c
  Admirable Secrets of Albert the Great 1785
  French Plays, presented to DMP by the Dutchess of Albemarle  
  Nature Deliniated Volume III 1740
  Introduction to the Reading of the Holy Bible 1795
  Six Months in the West Indies 1826
  Ad----l M-----w's Conduct in the Late Engagement Vindicated: Wherein the Whole Affiar is compendiously stated. The several pieces published by Mr. L-----k examined with candor. ... By a gentleman of the Royal Navy 1745
  American Question..A Letter from a Calm observer to a noble lord on the subject of the late Declaration relative to the Orders in Council 1812
  A discourse delivered before the Society for the Commemoration of the Landing of Wm Penn 1825
  The justice and necessity of thaxing the American colonies, demonstrated. Together with a vindication of the authority of Parliament 1766
  Letter to the Edinburgh reviewers: by "An American" First published in the Nat. Intelligencer 1819
  Letters by a farmer: originally published in the Belfast Evening Post; with several alterations and additions 1787
  Admiral Mathews's charge against Vice-Admiral Lestock dissected and confuted by a King’s letterman 1745
  A free gift of the clergy or The Hireling-priests of what denomination soever, challeng'd to a disputation on this Question  
  Rights and disabilities of Brevet- rank. 1825
  Sunday mails; or, inquiries into the origin, institution, and proper mode of observance of the first day of the week or Christian Sabbath 1830
  War without disguise, or Brief considerations on the political and commercial relations of Great Britain and Ireland with the United States of America at the close of the year 1811 1812
  Society Politique  
  Dutch Republic  
  Resume de Cahiers  
  Recuil de dissertations hist and critique  
  History of the Golden Fleece pre-1801
  Six days Preparation pre-1801
  Voyage de Paget  
  Materials form the improvement of the new edition of Stephens' Greek thesaurus [to be ed. by A.J. Valpy and E.H. Barker.] 1814
  An essay on salt, containing notices of its origin, formation, geological position and principle localities 1823
  Report of the Committee of Roads and Inland Navigation. 1832
  A collection of the Acts of the Legislature of Virginia, in relation to the Mutual Assurance Society 1794
  Prospectus des Loix criminel  
  Poems from the Danish 1816
  Farrier's and horseman's complete dictionary pre-1801
  Religion of Nature Delineated  
  Devine Legation  
  Principals of Natural and Revealed Religion  
  Apology for new principles in education 1812
  The commerce of America with Europe, particularly with France and Great Britain:comparatively stated and explained, shewing the importance of the American Revolution to the interest of France and pointing out the actual situation of the United States of North America in regard to trade, manufactures and population  
  De la France et des États-Unis  
  Address of the Washington society to the people of South-Carolina. 1832
  Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Physic, Delivered at King's College London pre-1801
  Extract from the works of the pious and laborious Isaac Watts, D.D. 1812
  The Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language of the New Testament pre-1801
  Proposals by Watts for publishing by subscription, Select speeches, forensic and parliamentary with illustrative remarks by N. Chapman 1806
  Review of an article of the North American review, October, 1834. 1835
  Virginia Justice pre-1801
  Webster's Essay  
  Banquet of Xenophon 1750
  Discourse on the five points [of Calvinism]  
  A sermon delivered on the Lord's day succeeing the interment of Madam Abigail Adams, consort of the Hon. John Adams, late president of the United States 1819
  l' Ambassadeur et ses Fonctions  
  The righteous magistrate, and the virtuous informer. A sermon preached before the societies for reformation of manners, in the parish-church of St. Mary-le-Bow; on Monday, December 31. 1722. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Joseph, Lord Bishop of Gloucester 1723
  Knowledge and Practice of Christianity Made Easy…., Or Instructions for the Indians pre-1801
  Wiseman's Surgery 1676
  Institutions du Droit de Nature et des gens  
  Law of Nations  
  The Religion of Nature delineated pre-1801
  The Koran  
  A Memoir on the Cultivation of the Vine in America 1823
  An Authentic Account of Commodore Anson's Expedition: containing all that was remarkable, curious and entertaining, during that long and dangerous Voyage 1744
  Baron and Feme. A Treatise of the Common Law Concerning Husbands and Wives 1700
  Memoirs... containing an Account of his Negotiations with Lieutenant-General Cromwell; Commissary-General and other officers of the Army, for restoring King Charles the First, to the Exercise of the Government of England 1699
  De Varietate Libri XVII  
  Travels through the Interior parts of North America in 1766-7-8, 1779
  Juris Canonici. Corpus Juris Canonici Emendatum et Illustratum XIII. Coloniae Munatianae 1682
  Cicero on the Complete Orator: In Three Books, inscribed to his brother Quintus, translated into English with notes and illustrations by George Barnes 1762
  An Enquiry into the Causes of the Miscarriage of the Scots Colony at Darien. Or an Answer to Libel Entitled a Defence of the Scots Abdicating Darien 1700
  A Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien. With an Answer to the Spanish Memorial against it. 1699
  The Trade and Navigation of Great-Britain Considered 1731
  The Importance of the British Plantations in America to this Kingdom; with the State of their Trade, and methods for improving it 1731
  Essai Politique, sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne 1811
  An Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue  
  Les Amours d'Anne d'Austriche epouse de Louis XIII 1692
  Li Sereti di Stato de i Prencipi dell'Europea, rivelati 1676
  Arithmetic Improved; or, A Summary System of Common and Decimal Arithmetic 1810
  Abbrege Chronologique ou extraict de l"Historie de France 1676-86
  An Abridgment of the Common Law; being a Collection of the Principal Cases Argued and Adjudged in the several Courts of Westminster-Hall 1725
  A New Description, Geographical and Historical, of the Island of Corsica: including particularly a genuine account of the late Revolution there 1739
  Memoirs of the Board of Agriculture of New York 1831
  Proceedings of the Convention 1821
  Recherches Historiques Curieuses, et Remarquebles 1783
  Sundry Documents on the subject of a Public Education, for the Sate of Virginia 1817
  Papers Relative to Great Britain  
  A View of Paris, and Places adjoining. With an Account of the Court of France; and of the late King James to which is added, the Present Posture of Affairs 1701
  La Retraite des dix de Xenophon ou l'Expedition de Cyrus contre Artaxerxoa 1648
  unknown work on population  
  volume on the present state of France  
  Fourth Report of the Committee of the African Institution 1810 [?]
  unknown title  
  Pennsylvania Gazette 1734-1738
  Title not given unknown
  Usum Serensissimi Delphini [volume of Horace from this collection]  
  Proceedings of the First Cattle Show and Fair, of the Agricultural Society of Jefferson County; September 1818 1818
  [Essay on U.S. Banks]  
  The Life of Major General Nathaniel Greene 1825
  The Constitution of Mexico  
  Waits State Papers 1817
  Philosophical Transactions  
  [Newspaper] Franklin Gazette 1823-1827
  The Agricultural Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1819. Patronized by the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture 1818
  [book of ancient engravings, title not given]  
  Pamphlet [letters of some of the distinguished citizens of Boston] 1824
  Three Pamphlet [titles not given]  
  Edinburg Review 1821-1828 (JM ends subscription in 1828)
  The Christian Visitant  
  Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture containing Communications on the Various Subjects in Husbandry and Rural Affairs 1826
  Lives of Jay and Hamilton  
  [Essay on Napoleon Bonaparte]  
  [unidentified pamphlet on Peat]  
  [pamphlet, title not given]  
  [Book of Amorro]  
  [Posthumous work of Watson]  
  Second Annual Report of the American Colonization Society 1818
  The National Calendar and Annals of the United States; 1832
  The Albion  
  Author of War 1807
  [Madam de Franc’s book]  
  Facts and Observations Relative to the nature and origin of the pestilential fever  
  Encyclopædia Americana. A popular dictionary of arts, sciences, literature, history, politics and biography, brought down to the present time; including a copious collection of original articles in American biography 1829-33
  Considerations on the exact position of the slave question 1831
  North American Review 1822-1834
  [unknown title] on Circulating Medium  
  An expose of the causes of intemperate drinking, and the means by which it may be obviated 1819
  Report of Managers of Society for Prevention of Pauperism in New-York 1819
  [Pamphlet on the Missouri Question]  
  A discourse pronounced at the Capitol of the United States: in the Hall of Representatives, Before the American Historical Society, January 30, 1836 by the Hon Lewis Cass 1836
  [President’s Late Special Message]  
  [Volume Relating to the Equestrian Statue of Henry 4th]  
  Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson . . . With Original Anecdotes of Many of the Most Distinguished of His Contemporaries, and a Summary Review of Public Affairs 1810
  A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees 1802
  Discourse delivered at the consecration of the Hebrew Synagogue at Savannah 1820
  Letters from Washington, on the Constitution and Laws; with Sketches of Some of the Prominent Public Characters of the United States. Written during the Winter of 1817-18 1818
  Memoirs, official and personal: with sketches of travels among the northern and southern Indians 1846
  England's Constitution Produced and Illustrated  
  Speech on Imprisonment for Debt 1823
  [Report of a Speech of Canning at Sir James Macintosh]  
  Histoire de la Diplomatie Francaise  
  [speech on the Tariff bill] 1824
  [Cheatam's paper on NY politics] 1808
  [Pamphlet on Federalism]  
  A view of the proposed Grand Junction Canal designed to bring the commerce of North Carolina to Norfolk by an inland navigator : together with a proposed lateral canal from Kampsville 1808
  A comparative view of the four projected coastwise canals 1808
  Rhetorical Grammar of the English Language  
  Treatise de l’Interest Social  
  The School Exercise, containing a course of lessons, in which the various branches of education are introduced as subjects for reading in schools 1822
  Elogium on Masonry, Delivered at Mount Moriah Lodge, St. John’s Hall, Wednesday November 16, 1808 1808
  [Shirtoh’s Sermons]  
  Pigot on Common Recoveries 1739
  Celsus on Jesus 1700
  Life of Saint Ambrose 1690
  [Works of Lucifer Calaritanus] 1586
  Vincentius Lyrinensis of the Nation of Gallis, for the Antiquity and Universality of the Catholic Fayth  
  [title not given]  
  The Portrait Annual of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the 19th Century 1839
  The Life and Services of Commodore William Bainbridge 1837
  Pope’s Works 1797
  Coff’s Silk Manuel 1839
  Historie des Membres de L’Academie Francaise Par M. D’Alembert. 1787
  Finden's Views of the Ports, Harbours, Coast Scenery and Watering Places of Great Britain, continued by W.H. Bartlett 1842
  Knight’s Penny Magazine 1846-47
  Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence 1820
  Vindication of Usury Laws 1820
  Baines’ History of the Late War, between the United States and Great Britain: with a Critical Appendix, & c 1820
  Journal, Acts and Proceedings of the Convention … which formed the Constitution of the United States 1819
  Memorial of the Merchants of the Town of Boston in the State of Massachussetts. February 3, 1806 1806
  Report of the Committee of Agriculture 1821
  Memoirs of the Agricultural Board of New York 1821
  Statutes and regulations enacted by the board of Visitors for the government of the University of Virginia 1825
  Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams, late president of the United States, and the late Wm. Cunningham, Esq. : beginning in 1803, and ending in 1812 1823
  The Memoirs And Anecdotes Of The Count De Segur 1825
  Memoirs of the American Revolution 1821
  [Treatise on Precipitate of Iron to Treat Fevers] 1822
  Sermon on Laying of the Corner-Stone of St. Matthew’s Church, New York 1821
  Examination of the Late Proceedings  
  The Lady’s Pocket Library  
  Les Adventures de Telemache  
  Extracts and Remarks on the Subject of Punishment and Reformation of Criminals 1790
  Information to Europeans disposed to migrate to the United States 1790
  An eulogium in honor of the late Dr. William Cullen, professor of the practice of physic in the University of Edinburgh; : delivered before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, on the 9th of July, agreeably to their vote of the 4th of May, 1790. / By Benjamin Rush, M.D. professor of the theory and practice of medicine, in the College of Philadelphia; Published by order of the College of Physicians 1790
  [Review of the First Chapters of Genesis] 1828
  New York Annual for 1829 [New York Annual Register for 1829 containing an almanac; civil and judicial list; with political, statistical and other information respecting the state of New York and the United States 1829
  [unknown book about Europe]  
  [ report relative to the latitude and longitude of the Capitol] 1822
  The East-India Marine Society of Salem 1821
  Report of the House Committee of Commerce and Navigation 1822
  [unknown] 1822
  [article on Flax from unknown British agricultural journal] 1822
  Mississippian Scenery 1819
  Histoire de l'Esprit revolutionaire des nobles en France sous les Souixante-Huit Bois de la Monarchie 1818
  9th Annual Report of the Proceedings of the [unknown] Board of Public Works 1823
  British Quarterly Review to 1822
  Just observations, on the cultivation of the olive in Massachusetts 1823
  Rapport des commissaires charges par le roi, de l’examen du magnetisme animal 1784
  Memoire sur les experiences aerostatiques faites par MM. Robert freres, ingenieurs-pensionnaires du roi 1784
  Cicero’s Republic, a Translation 1828
  Tribute to the Memory of Dewitt Clinton, Late Governor of the State of New-York, being a comprehensive sketch of his life, together with the proceedings of the New-York legislature , and of various corporate and public bodies 1828
  [Horticultural Address] 1830
  Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Transmitting Two Statements; One Exhibiting the Value or Quantities of the Goods, Wares and Merchandize, Imported into the United States, in Ships or Vessels of the Said United States, for One Year prior to the First of October 1797—and the Other Exhibiting, in Like Manner, the Importations in Ships or Vessels of Foreign Nations, during the Same Period 1799
  The Claim and Answer with the Subsequent Proceedings, in the Case of the Right Reverend Charles Inglis, against the United States 1799
  Amendment , Proposed by Mr. Bingham, to the Bill, Prescribing the Mode of Deciding Disputed Elections of President and Vice President of the United States 1800
  Report of the Committee of Ways and Means, on the Subject of a Loan…21st February, 1800 1800
  Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston  
  Hints Addressed to the Farmers of Essex 1829
  Bank of the United States Congressional Report. Submitted by Mr. M’Duffie from the Committee of Ways and Means, April 13, 1830 1830
  An Oration: Delivered at the Request of the City Government, before the Citizens of Boston, on the 5th of July, 1830 1830
  The Alphabet of the primitive language of Spain, and a philosophical examination of the antiquity and civilization of the Basque people, an extract from the works of don Juan Bautista de Erro 1829
  [Pamphlet on unknown subject regarding the Constitution] 1830
  Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Legislature of Maryland, Dec. 1827 1828
  Anniversary Address Delivered before the Columbian Institute, at Washington, Dec. 31, 1827 1828
  Objections of the Honorable George Mason, one of the Delegates from Virginia to the late Continental Convention, to the Proposed Constitution; Assigned as his Reasons for Not Signing the Same 1787
  Plain Facts: Being an Examination into the Rights of the Indian Nations of America 1781 1781
  [manuscript on Napoleon] 1822
  Utrum Horum? The Government; or, The Country? 1797
  A View of the Causes & Consequences of the Present War with France 1797
  Scipio’s Reflections on Monroe’s View of the Conduct of the Executive 1798
  A Sketch of the Present State of Our Political Relations with the United States of America 1798
  Petition praying for a Reform in Parliament, presented to the House of Commons by Charles Grey, Esq. on Monday, 6th May 1793 1793
  An Act in addition to the act, entitled, An act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States 1798
  An act prescribing the mode of deciding disputed elections of President and Vice President of the United States 1800
  Meridien de Demarcation entre l’Espagne et le Portugal en Amerique  
  First Lines of the Practice of Physic, for the Use of Students in the University of Edinburgh 1781
  [pamphlet on the West India trade]  
  Journal of the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church [held at Richmond in May 1785] 1785
  [unknown work about establishing only two ports in Virginia]  
  Doctrina Antiqua de Rerum Origininibus or, an Inquiry into the Doctrine of the Philosophers of all Nations concerning the Origin of the World  
  The Secret History Of The Court And Cabinet Of St. Cloud: In A Series Of Letters From A Gentleman At Paris To A Nobleman In London, Written During The Months Of August, September, And October, 1805 1806
  The Paraphrase and Comment on the Epistles and Gospels  
  On the Hydrophobia 1792
  [unknown book]  
  [unknown book about Havana] 1833
  Descripción Histórica y Cronológica de las Dos Piedras que con Ocasión del Nuevo Empedrado que se está Formando en la Plaza Principal de México, se Hallaron en ella Año de 1790 1792
  The Spectator  
  The Guardian  
  The History of Virginia, from Its First Settlement to the Present Day 1804-1816
  American Quarterly Review  
  National Gazette 1791-93
  Christian’s Defense against the Fears of Death  
  An exposition of evidence in support of the memorial to Congress, "setting forth the evils of the existing tariff of duties ..." Prepared in pursuance of instructions from the permanent committee appointed by the free trade convention assembled at Philadelphia to prepare the memorial to Congress 1832
  The Federalist 1816?
  The American Register: or, Summary review of history, politics, and literature edited by Robert Walsh 1817
  De la Nature, du Seige, et du Traitement du Cholera-Morbus, Par. M.M. Foville et Parchappe, Docteurs en Medecine 1832
  Minutes of the Proceedings of the Twelfth American Convention for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery 1809
  The State of the Bristol Infirmary 1803
  Aunciente Connynge Balladdes [title mentioned in letter by Peters] 1788
  Proceedings of the Union and State Rights meeting held at St.
John’s Berkley, Sept. 24, 1831 [Proceedings of the Union Party]
  Reglamento para el gobierno de la aduana de esta ciudad, y metodo de la recaudacion, y administracion de los Reales derechos de almoxarifazgo, y alcabala del Reyno del Peru, hecho en virtud de Reales ordenes de S.M [book containing a list of Reales derechos] 1773
  Observations on the Reports of the Directors of the East India Company, Respecting the Trade between India and Europe  
  Pocahuntas 1831
  [Essay on Distress for rent in Virginia]