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The Architectural Fragment Collections

Get to Know our Collections

The Department of Architecture and Historic Preservation manages two architectural study collections. The Architectural Research Database (ARD) contains the artifacts and fragments collected during the restoration of the main house at Montpelier.  The  Architecture and Historic Preservation Database (AHPD) houses the ongoing collection of artifacts and fragments collected from historic buildings across the site.


The ARD or Architectural Research Database contains a collection of artifacts and fragments removed and collected during the restoration of Montpelier. To learn more about this collection, see the digital exhibit created by the restoration team in 2014!


The AHPD or Architecture and Historic Preservation Database contains an ongoing collection of artifacts and fragments removed and collected from any other historic building on the Montpelier property.  This collection continues to grow along with the continued preservation of the built environment at Montpelier.

Collection Highlights

Wallpaper Fragment

This fragment from the architectural research database was removed from a duPont closet during the restoration and dates from the late 19th century

Plaster Fragments

During the restoration of Montpelier, countless plaster ceiling elements like this one from the duPont era were painstakingly removed and added to the architectural research collection

Box Fragment

This piece of cardboard was removed from a c. 1850 slave quarter on the property. Cardboard boxes like this one were flattened and then nailed directly onto the building’s studs to provide insulation.

Woven Mat

This mat was discovered within the walls of a second floor chamber during the restoration. Dating to the Madison-era, this fragment helped inform the furnishing of John Payne Todd’s room.