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Montpelier’s Department of Education and Visitor Engagement gives voice to  the past and the present, interpreting the research and scholarship of our colleagues to make history come alive for visitors.

The goal is to make Montpelier a transformative, inclusive, immersive, and numinous place where diverse visitors cultivate a deeper understanding of the history and relevance of the U.S. Constitution and the arc of citizenship through conversations and constructive thinking about the individual and shared experiences of James Madison and the Montpelier community.

Educational and Interpretive Initiatives

The Department of Education and Visitor Experience is involved in a number of projects to bring the stories of the people who lived and worked at Montpelier to life for visitors. Take a look at the various projects that the department is undertaking!
Spinning House
Color Through a Child's Eyes
Towards a "More Perfect Tour"
National Summit on Teaching Slavery

Digging Deeper Blog: Telling The Stories

Go behind the scenes with our interpretive staff to learn about the ins-and-outs of Montpelier, stories of the people who lived here, and a glimpse into how our education team tells the stories you hear at Montpelier.

Integrating Visitor Services and Interpretation

Cross Training as a force multiplier
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Defining the Color Line

Ohio State University students connect the present to the past at Montpelier
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Working Together to Discover Madison, the Person

Going beyond Madison, the Icon
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The Why

Inspiring the questions, providing the answers.
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The Team

Meet our front line Historic Interpreters and Visitor Services Associates!