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Videos & Podcasts

Consider the Constitution Podcast

“Consider the Constitution” is a new podcast from the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at James Madison’s Montpelier. The show provides insight into constitutional issues that directly affect every American. Hosted by Dr. Katie Crawford Lackey the podcast features interviews with constitutional scholars, policy and subject matter experts, heritage professionals, and legal practitioners.

Madison Moment Video Series

In this series, Digital Content & Production Fellow Ryan C. Jones examines key events from the founding period through the experiences of James Madison. Madison was a central figure in the attempt to create a sustainable government for the union of the states, the push for stronger individual rights and the establishment of slavery as a national political force. As a student of laws, history and most importantly human nature, James Madison’s observations provided a crucial guiding influence during the challenging, formative years of the American republic.

Madison Moment

Montpelier Moment Video Series

“Montpelier Moment,” takes you behind-the-scenes to meet our staff and find out what they do to make this historic site tick. Thank you for spending a Moment of your time with us.


Virtual Constitution 101 Archive

Constitution 101 takes a back-to-basics approach to learning about the U.S. Constitution – America’s defining promise. Consider both the complexity and simplicity of the world’s oldest written constitution, and gain a better appreciation of how Madison’s ideas, conceived at Montpelier, are the foundation for Americans – and, indeed, for billions of people around the world – aspiring to build a “more perfect union” with modern-day authors and scholars.


Constitutional Toolkit

We often think about the U.S. Constitution on a big, national level, and in particular the structure of government it puts into place as written by the founders over 230 years ago. But this is hardly all the Constitution does – and that view does not address what impact the Constitution has on everyone, everyday, in almost all of our interactions as Americans. Between cable news, social media, and comments from your friends or family, there’s a lot of confusion and misconceptions about the Constitution, what it says, what it does (or doesn’t do), and what it allows you to do. We want to address this, head on, in a way that is accessible to all Americans from across the entire country, no matter one’s expertise or experience.

This is YOUR document. Get to know what it means for YOU in the 21st Century!