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International Groups

A Global Impact

The Center for the Constitution hosts international visitors through The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), which is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. Through short-term visits to the United States, current and emerging foreign leaders in a variety of fields experience this country firsthand and cultivate lasting relationships with their American counterparts. Programs reflect the participants’ professional interests and support the foreign policy goals of the United States.

We also work closely with the Presidential Precinct, a non-profit that unites the resources of two premier universities—The University of Virginia and William & Mary—and two historic sites—James Madison’s Montpelier and James Monroe’s Highland. Presidential Precinct programs, such as the Mandela Washington Fellowship, provide emerging global leaders with valuable exposure to U.S. government, civil society, and business practices. These residential programs are tailored to participants’ interests in academic coursework, leadership training, networking, and project-based learning.

The map below shows the breadth of the Center’s international impact. Countries served are in blue.

International Footprint of James Madison's Montpelier


Montpelier Educator Seminars offer teachers a unique opportunity to explore Constitutional government with scholars. Join a small cohort, uncover diverse seminar topics, and enhance your teaching in 2024.


International Groups

Explore our global impact through IVLP, connecting foreign leaders with Americans. Our partnership with the Presidential Precinct, including the Mandela Washington Fellowship, shapes emerging global leaders.


Law Enforcement Officers

Montpelier's law enforcement training. Empowering VA law enforcement pros with Constitutional policing, co-creating safety strategies with communities. Join us in shaping the future of policing.


As the lifelong home of James Madison, Father of the Constitution and Architect of the Bill of Rights, Montpelier's mission is to communicate Madison's role in creating our modern, democratic government.