Constitutional Foundations of Law Enforcement Seminars

June 3-5, 2024 is the next "Constitutional Foundations of Law Enforcment" Seminar.  It will be limited to no more than 30 Officers and registration will be handled byVirginia's DCJS.  Officers who do not serve in Virginia can contact Patrick Campbell about attending.

We began offering constitutional training for law enforcement in 2009. Constitutional trainings for law enforcement focus on both the legal and aspirational components of constitutional policing. That is to say, participants not only consider the legal framework of policing under the Constitution, they also consider the ways in which they are the Constitution by upholding the values and ideals of America’s governing documents through their actions. 

Montpelier’s law enforcement curriculum relies on the perspectives of seasoned senior officers, prosecutors, and scholars to draw on their experiences in developing 21st-century policing models. The programs emphasize the role of law enforcement as being a guardians of the Constitution, rather than working against it.