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Is the Constitution in Danger?

Constitution Day 2022

On September 17, 2022, as part of its month-long commemoration of Constitution Month, Montpelier hosted an in-person and virtual panel titled “Is the Constitution in Danger?” 

The lively discussion, peppered with questions from both the on-site audience and Zoom participants, encompassed the current political crisis, America’s vulnerability to democratic collapse, and how we can reinvigorate the American democratic spirit.

The panel was moderated by James French, chair of The Montpelier Foundation. Participants included Jamelle Bouie (New York Times, CBS News), Michael Higginbotham (University of Baltimore School of Law), and Lindsay Chervinsky (Center for Presidential History). 

Enjoy the full video of the interview to learn what this new power-sharing relationship means for Montpelier’s future.

Panel: Is the Constitution in Danger?


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