Montpelier in the Palm of Your Hand


What’s the hottest download at the Apple App Store? The James Madison’s Montpelier Tour App of course! From the more than 500,000 mobile apps available, Apple Computer each week chooses just a few of the most interesting and intriguing to feature in the iPhone App Store. This week, Apple has chosen the newly launched “James Madison’s Montpelier” tour app as one of the featured apps. Users can now download the Montpelier app by searching for “Montpelier” from their iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads. Beginning this week users can also access the Montpelier app in the education section under “What’s Hot” in the App Store.

Let’s back up for just a moment and talk about what an app is and how it works. By now you have probably heard of smartphones (cellular phones which connect to the Internet and run computer-like programs). The programs smartphones run are called apps (short for “application”). Apps can help users with a number of tasks such as getting driving directions, booking travel arrangements, and delivering up-to-the minute news. Many popular games come in App form too, such as Monopoly and Angry Birds. Users can download apps through virtual stores such as the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.

Now that we’re on the same page about what apps are, let’s get back to the James Madison’s Montpelier Tour App. The app offers estate and virtual visitors a lot of interesting and helpful features, such as detailed information about objects they see in the mansion (such as a chess set like the one James Madison and his best friend, Thomas Jefferson, used in their epic chess duels). An interactive map show attractions, such as the Gilmore Cabin and the Children’s Getaway Room. It gives the locations and information about buildings that were part of the estate during Madison’s time, too. The app is packed with photos, audio and video files, including a special greeting from James and Dolley. It’s an in-depth experience visitors can enjoy at or away from Montpelier.

For now, the app is free and available to users of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.). It can be downloaded through the Apple App Store. If you don’t have an iOS device, don’t worry; we have iPods for visitors to borrow and we’re already working on a DROID version. Now when you tell your friends about your visit to James and Dolley Madison’s home, you can say, “Montpelier: There’s an App for That!”






Montpelier Staff