This week Salvagewrights completed the rebuild of the final timber frame structure in the South Yard.  This timber frame ghost of one of the duplexes was initially built in April 2011 as a 32x20 ft structure based on the 1837 insurance plat.  However, after archaeologists completed excavations in November of 2011, they determined the duplexes in the South Yard were sized some four foot smaller.  As a result, the two southernmost duplexes were built to size based on the dimensions ascertained from the archaeological excavations.


This left the first duplex as too large.  What was remarkable about the four feet of added width is that it made the rafters much larger and put the entire structure some what out of scale with the rest of the space.  Today with the proper dimensions, this duplex appears more in scale with the rest of the structures and the yard.  The 16x32 ft dimension is essentially two 16x16 ft structures put together is a dimension found at many structures recovered from archaeological excavations across the property.

Matthew Reeves